Teach you how to drink water correctly to keep fit

To teach you how to drink water correctly to keep fit.

drinking water in the morning hurt Spleen Yang.

after a night’s consumption, after getting up in the morning, the blood concentration in the body is higher. Drinking water at this time can prevent the blood from being too thick, and can also clear the intestines and defecate. However, the morning is the time when the body’s Yang Qi develops, and water is negative, which is easy to hurt the spleen yang. Therefore, it is not appropriate to drink more, let alone cold water. Children and the elderly with weak constitution can drink half a glass of water (about 100 ml), while adults can drink one.

don’t drink strong water.

many people get used to it when they are thirsty; Gollum Gollum & quot; To drink a lot, but I don’t know, so drink water, will suddenly increase the heart load; Drink fierce water when having a meal, can dilute gastric acid, affect digestion. Small amount, many times, slow drinking is the correct principle of drinking water. If you put a mouthful of water in your mouth and swallow it several times, it can fully moisten your mouth and throat and effectively relieve thirst. In addition, patients with heart failure, acute nephritis, renal failure should not drink too much water.

drink water as needed.

traditional Chinese medicine does not advocate drinking water without thirst. It advocates meeting the needs. Drinking too much water may hurt the kidney. People’s age, physique, climate and geographical location will affect the demand for water. For example, when it is cold in winter, people need less water; Summer is hot, people need to drink more water. The amount of water to drink varies from person to person, healthy people can be judged by whether there is dry mouth, stool dry knot, dark yellow urine and other signals. For example, the color of normal urine should be light yellow. If the color is too dark, you should add water. If the color is too light, you may drink too much water.

“ Yin Yang Water & quot; Drink less.

the so-called & lt; Yin Yang Water & quot; Most of them refer to the mixture of raw water (mineral water, tap water, etc.) and boiled water. Drinking water was once popular on the Internet; Yin Yang Water & quot; There is no scientific basis for these views. The purified water in the daily water dispenser is not harmful to the body when mixed, but in addition, tap water, well water and other raw water mostly contain bacteria, bacteria, parasites and other harmful substances. Mixing it with boiling water will bring a lot of microorganisms and toxins, which may cause intestinal infectious diseases, so it is not advisable.

4 were the best time to drink water.

drinking a glass of water after getting up in the morning can play the role of defecation and moistening intestines; After a nap, the body consumes the high energy of lunch intake and is easy to be tired. Drinking a glass of water (preferably green tea) between 13:00 and 15:00 can prevent sleepiness and reduce blood lipid; Drinking a glass of water before dinner can flush the body’s physiological toilet& mdash;& mdash; It can also prevent gallstones, kidney stones and other diseases; Drinking a glass of water before going to bed at night can nourish yin and prevent blood thickening. This is the best time to drink water every day, and the rest can be replenished as needed.

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