Teach you how to dry clothes quickly in the room

do you worry that clothes are not easy to dry in wet weather? Let’s share 6 indoor & lt; Quick & quot; Dry clothes method, might as well and try it together!

1 、 “ Length & quot; According to the test of

, the washing clothes can be dried in different ways; Long and short& ldquo; Short, long, short & quot; And & lt; Long long;, The results show that the pendulum is & quot; Length & quot; The reason is that when the clothes are arranged in an arch shape, there will be space in the middle, and air can flow through it, which can produce updraft and quickly take away water.

2, make good use of newspapers, fans

when drying clothes, you can lay newspapers under the clothes rack, because newspapers have strong moisture absorption function, can speed up the drying of clothes, in addition, you can use fans, air conditioning and other equipment to strengthen the air circulation, so that the clothes dry faster!

3, keep the largest area

very people will choose to hang the towel symmetrically, but this will block the moisture emission, you might as well try the hanging method of long side and short side to speed up the distribution of moisture on the towel.

4 Increase the air circulation area

quilt, large towel and bath towel can be combined into a triangle with multiple hangers and poles to support the bath towel, increase the air circulation area and speed up the drying time.

5, pants stretch into tube shape,

jeans have always been difficult to dry, you might as well try the hanger of drying socks, stretch into tube shape, pants also stretch, convenient air circulation, you can dry faster.

6, collar to stand up

when drying shirts, collar can stand up, increase the contact area between clothes and air, natural dry faster!

When the washing machine is dehydrated, it can be dehydrated more than twice. Recently, the washing machine with drying function has very good performance, There should be a lot of people using this function. However, if the washing machine has no drying function or cares about the wrinkles after drying & hellip& hellip; Wait, try to make good use of & lt; Dehydration function & quot; Let’s go.

when the full-automatic travel of the washing machine is at the end of dehydration, press the dehydration button manually again. Although it is necessary to pay more attention to different clothing materials, more moisture can be removed by twice dehydration, and the drying time can be shortened.

2; Hang it in the bathroom; Li better

it’s raining all the time, and you have to air your clothes in the house. It’s really boring to have clean clothes at home.

when you hang clothes in the house, you always want to hang clothes on the window frame. In fact, this is not suitable. Due to the high humidity of the window in rainy days, it is difficult to dry the washed clothes, and the parasitic bacteria will also move in from the window or curtain, causing an annoying odor.

a place to dry and clean clothes at home; Bathrooms & quot; Better than a room. Although the bathroom always makes people feel a lot of moisture, it is precisely because of the humidity that there is a way to dry the bathroom efficiently with a ventilator.

lay hygroscopic & lt; Newspapers;, It will be faster. If you can, it’s best to activate the ventilator about 30 minutes before airing.

3. There are also tips for hanging on the clothes rack.

is the basic trick to make the cleaned clothes dry quickly. The most well-known method is to open the space of clothes when hanging on the clothes rack, and bend the bath towel and other large clothes for many times to dry.

to shorten the drying time, first of all, before hanging on the clothes rack, all the clothes should be turned over. Clothes with long sleeves and hats should be hung upside down. If you do that. The overlapping parts of fabrics such as seams or sleeves will also be easier to get wind.

4. How to prevent the annoying odor when drying clothes in the house?

another trouble when drying clothes in the house is the annoying smell of clothes that are not dry. To prevent the growth of odorous parasites, spray lightly & lt; Sterilized alcohol spray ” It’s very effective.

when washing clothes, it is also very important not to wash too much clothes and detergent. When the amount of clothes washed at one time is too much, the dirt can not be completely removed, and the oxidized dirt will cause odor. In addition, when the amount of detergent is large and cannot be completely dissolved, the residue will cause parasitic bacteria or mold.

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