Teach you how to easily remove hair on the ground

Teach you how to easily remove the ground hair

teach you how to easily remove the ground hair

method 1: DIY & quot; Silk hose broom & quot; Scientific cleaning

first, we find the broom at home, and then put the silk stockings you don’t want to wear on the broom. In fact, the principle of silk stockings broom is very simple. When silk stockings are rubbed, static electricity will be generated. In this way, light and small garbage such as hair will be easily absorbed on silk stockings.

method 2: using a vacuum cleaner is easy and environmentally friendly.

you can use a vertical vacuum cleaner to remove the areas with more hair and more concentration, and then lift up the hand-held vacuum cleaner to cover the floor cracks, room corners and other areas that are difficult to clean and find!

method 3: clever use of empty plastic bottle

found that there are many hair on the ground, you can rub the plastic bottle to cover heat, drink the kind of drink bottle can, and then on the ground a rolling touch, those hair will be obedient stick to the bottle.

method 4: remove pet hair with tea

first, we drain the leftover tea powder, then sprinkle the half dry tea powder on the floor, and then sweep it gently with a broom like this. Look, pet hair is wrapped in tea dust, so it’s easy to clean the floor.

method 5: skillfully use the sponge mop

to squeeze dry with the sponge mop in the bucket. Once the dust and hair are scraped clean, the dirty things on the sponge mop will be washed off as soon as they are washed, and the dust and hair will not be everywhere.

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