Teach you how to eat buffet without fear of getting fat!

teach you how to eat buffet without fear of getting fat!

first, vegetables first, meat must be eaten.

obviously, the purpose of eating vegetables first is to increase the sense of fullness and supplement cellulose. And it is suggested to choose more cold dishes and less fried dishes. When eating vegetables, drinking a cup of yogurt is also a good nutrition match. Be sure to eat meat at the buffet. Meat, which is necessary for our body, can also help us relieve hunger, prolong satiety and control appetite. Of course, the choice of meat, optional protein content of beef, chicken, duck, rabbit, fish and so on.

second, a small amount of slow food, multiple meals.

when eating a buffet, you often find that some friends’ plates are full. This way of eating is neither elegant nor conducive to the control of food intake. According to the standard of western buffet, there should be no more than three kinds of food on a plate. Of course, the actual meal may not be so, but can be more variety, less quantity. A small amount of slow food, multiple meals, can also play a role in reducing eating speed, improve exercise consumption. Long time and slow speed of eating is conducive to weight control.

third, eat less desserts, refuse to fry.

buffet desserts are very rich, especially in the five-star hotel in the western style buffet, desserts are various, and good-looking and delicious. Of course, the heat of these desserts is also well known. It’s up to you to shut up. The reason why we refuse to fry is that after eating a lot of high calorie food, we must eat more fried food. Therefore, I suggest that we should not eat fried food when we eat buffet.

fourth, control fruit, do not take drinks.

in the buffet, a wide range of unlimited supply of fruit, people who love to eat fruit, plate after plate, until they can not eat. But I don’t know that fruit is digested and absorbed quickly, and a large amount of sugar is converted into fat. As a result, no matter how much fruit you eat, you will be hungry again. Eat a lot of fruit, and eat a lot of meat, not fat is strange. Eating too much fruit can hurt the spleen and stomach, especially in hot summer. There are also many kinds of sweet drinks in the buffet, especially in the karaoke buffet. These sweet drinks are mostly processed drinks, which not only increase the fat, but also increase the burden on the liver and kidney. It is recommended not to eat them.

fifth, choose coarse grains, avoid fine grains.

in our daily meals, staple food is the main task of energy supply, which is the food we should eat in every meal. But when eating a buffet, a variety of meats, fruits and desserts are high calorie foods. If you eat more of these foods, you don’t have to eat the staple food. Even if you want to eat the staple food, you must choose coarse cereals, such as steamed sweet potato, steamed corn, Wowotou, etc. Because these coarse grains are rich in vitamins, minerals and cellulose, which can not only slow down energy utilization, but also help energy metabolism. Coarse cereals, if eaten with meat or wine, are good nutritional partners. But the role of fine grain is not the same, it can not help heat metabolism, but also increase more calories.

when having a meal, you can eat some vegetables first, which can not only supplement cellulose, but also make your combat effectiveness more lasting. Among them, drink should be avoided as far as possible. The drink in the buffet will not only increase the burden of the body, but also make you full of satiety. If you can’t eat much, you will feel bloated and miss more delicious food.

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