Teach you how to eat ginger to keep healthy

Teach you how to eat ginger to keep healthy

teach you how to eat ginger health Kang

1, two slices of vinegar soaked ginger in the morning

the old habit is to eat two slices of vinegar soaked ginger every morning. The specific approach is: ginger appropriate, sliced, soaked in vinegar, can be soaked for a week, and then every morning to eat two or three pieces. Last year, Mr. Lu had a general examination. The results of film and CT showed that Mr. Lu’s heart and brain vessels were equivalent to those of a 40 year old middle-aged man.

2. Within a year, ginger is not eaten in autumn.

ginger only has the function of health care, but the more you eat, the better. You can eat it any time& ldquo; Within a month, autumn does not eat ginger; No ginger at night for a day& rdquo; Because with the end of summer, the weather gradually changes. In autumn, the climate is dry, and the dry air hurts the lung. If you eat spicy ginger, it is easy to hurt the lung and aggravate the water loss and dryness of the human body. Therefore, it is not suitable to eat ginger in autumn. If you eat too much ginger in autumn, gingerol will stimulate the kidney when excreting, which will produce symptoms of mouth, sore throat and constipation. In a day, the Yin Qi is the most abundant at night. After a busy day, you need to rest at night. The Yin Qi is introverted. Ginger is a divergent product. It is easy to consume gas when you eat ginger at night, so it is not suitable to eat ginger at night. In addition, people with Yin deficiency and internal heat? Or suffering from carbuncle, sore, pneumonia, lung abscess, tuberculosis, gastric ulcer, cholecystitis, pyelonephritis, diabetes and hemorrhoids, are not suitable for long-term consumption of ginger, especially Yin deficiency and dry heat constitution, performance for hand and foot heart fever, palms sweat, love to drink water, often dry mouth, dry eyes, dry nose, dry skin, upset, irritable, poor sleep, eat ginger will aggravate the symptoms of yin deficiency.

ginger is the most common condiment in life, but the role of ginger is very wide, not just condiment. Ginger can also treat some minor diseases in life. Let’s take a look.

it’s normal to have a minor illness in your life. Don’t rush to take medicine after getting sick, simple hot ginger water can solve the problem. Let’s take a look at the common diseases that hot ginger water can treat:

migraine: when migraine attacks, you can use hot ginger water to soak your hands, about 15 minutes, the pain will be reduced, or even disappear.

pinworm disease: before sleeping every day, first use hot ginger water to clean around the anus, and then drink 1 to 2 cups of hot ginger water, lasting for about 10 days can be cured.

foot odor: soak feet in hot ginger water, add salt and vinegar, soak for about 15 minutes, wipe dry, add talcum powder, the odor can be eliminated.

oral ulcer: gargle with hot ginger water instead of tea, 2 to 3 times a day, generally 6 to 9 times, the ulcer surface can be convergent.

dental caries: gargle with hot ginger water once a day in the morning and evening, and drink it several times a day instead of tea. This method is quite effective in protecting teeth, preventing and treating dental caries.

cold headache: feet immersed in hot ginger water, water to be able to soak the ankle. When soaking, add some salt and vinegar in hot ginger water, and constantly add hot water until the feet are red. This method is effective in treating cold, headache and cough.

dandruff: first use ginger to gently scrub hair, and then use hot ginger water to wash hair, which can effectively prevent dandruff. In addition, regular use of hot ginger water shampoo, also has a certain therapeutic effect on baldness.

hypertension: when the blood pressure rises, you can soak your feet in hot ginger water for about 15 minutes. When feet are soaked in hot ginger water, reflexivity causes vasodilation and blood pressure drops.

waist and shoulder pain: first add a little salt and vinegar in hot ginger water, then soak it in water with a towel, wring it dry, apply it to the affected area, and repeat for several times. This method can make muscles relax, relax tendons and activate blood circulation, and greatly relieve pain.

drunk: drink hot ginger water instead of tea, which can accelerate blood circulation and digest alcohol in the body. You can also add some honey in hot ginger water to relieve or eliminate drunkenness.

periodontitis: first gargle with hot ginger instead of tea, once a day in the morning and once a day in the evening. If the throat is itchy, you can drink hot ginger water with a little salt instead of tea, 2 to 3 times a day.

facial acne: use hot ginger water to clean the face, once in the morning and once in the evening every day, lasting about 60 days, the acne will be relieved and disappeared. This method also has a certain therapeutic effect on freckles and dry skin.

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