Teach you how to eat healthy and long life

teach you how to eat healthy and long life

oil reducing salt.

no more than 25 grams of cooking oil and 6 grams of salt per person per day. However, the latest data show that in 2012, the average daily cooking oil consumption of Chinese was 41 grams and salt consumption was 10.5 grams, which obviously exceeded the standard. Saving oil and salt in cooking is of great benefit to the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. If you want to develop a light diet, you should first choose cooking with less oil such as steaming and stewing; Secondly, we should learn how to use oil pot and other measuring tools to use oil quantitatively; Third, eat less pickles, pickled food and other salty food; Fourth, in addition to salt, should also reduce the use of soy sauce, monosodium glutamate and other high sodium seasoning.

control the amount of food. The overweight rate of adults over 18 years old is as high as 30.1%. In response to this trend, I advocate learning to control before eating; At present, the amount of food you eat is 7% full, that is, you feel that your stomach is not full, but your enthusiasm for food has declined, and your eating speed has obviously slowed down. If you take away the food, you will soon forget to eat. Concentrate on eating, chew slowly, eat less refined white rice noodles, eat more coarse grains, easy to grasp the feeling of seven full.

buy less foreign food.

many consumers think that imported food is safer and more nutritious, but it may not be. Although developed countries have relatively perfect legal systems in food safety, it is difficult to eliminate the occasional quality accidents in production; List of unqualified imported food; That’s the point. In addition, some foreign foods not only increase transportation costs, but also may deteriorate and lose nutrients in the process, which may not be better than local foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Instead of blindly pursuing imported fruits and vegetables from afar, it is better to save money and choose fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables with better local maturity and less loss of nutritional value.

don’t always go out.

a study found that eating out, a meal intake of fat and sodium has exceeded the recommended amount of the whole day. People may also drink more sweet drinks and alcohol in social activities. Health problems are the combination of the first three points. It is suggested that everyone go home to eat, not only to save money, but also to prevent chronic and improve family relations. If you have to eat out, you’d better eat less salty dishes such as casserole, dry pot and brine. You’d better choose light white rice, white steamed bread and steamed coarse cereals as your staple food. You’d better eat less noodles, dumplings, homemade cakes and other salted pasta.

drink less sweet drinks.

sweet drinks can make people inadvertently consume too many calories, resulting in excess energy. If you don’t rinse your mouth in time after drinking, sugar will remain in your mouth and produce acid substances, which will damage your teeth. The content of phosphoric acid in carbonated drinks is high. Excessive intake may cause bone calcium loss and fracture. Instead of spending money on sweet drinks with so many health risks, it’s better to make a cup of green tea and boil a pot of mung bean soup at home. Of course, boiled water is the best drink for all ages.

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