Teach you how to eat litchi without getting angry

Teach you how to eat litchi without fire

teach you how to eat litchi without fire

1, eat the fruit film

when we peel the litchi shell, there is a thin white film on the pulp, a little astringent taste, generally we peel it off, but if we want to prevent fire, it is recommended to eat the film together, And then after eating litchi, the white pedicle part of litchi fruit which is concave in the pedicle part is also eaten together, which can also prevent fire.

2, salt water immersion

will peel off the shell of litchi, but do not peel off the white film, after washing, soak in 30% salt water, soak for an hour can take out, peel off the white film can eat, after the salt water immersion will greatly reduce the litchi fire. If you soak a lot of Litchi at one time and want to keep it for a longer time, you can peel off the white film directly, then soak the pulp in light salt water for one hour, and then take it out and put it in the fresh-keeping box, and put it in the refrigerator freezing layer.

3, enjoy & lt; Dew drop red litchi & quot;

dewdrop litchi is a fresh litchi picked from the tree before daybreak, while the dew has not yet subsided. These litchi absorb the sunshine of the day, and then cool after a night, so the heat has been reduced, not only the taste will be more delicious, but also there will be no fire problem.

4, not more than 10 at a time

ordinary people should not eat more than 10 Litchi at a time, especially children can eat 3-4 at a time, not too much. People with Yin deficiency and dryness heat and damp heat should not eat litchi. People with diabetes and those who are prone to flatulence also need to eat carefully. Is long acne, cold, acute inflammation and other symptoms of people should not eat litchi, will aggravate the disease. In eating Litchi at the same time, to eat some bread, biscuits and other starch food, so as to ensure the blood glucose concentration, avoid fire.

5, drink salt water

before eating litchi, you can drink salt water or Prunella herbal tea, wax gourd soup, mung bean soup and other fire reducing food, which can effectively prevent fire. Or with 20 ~ 30 grams of raw land pot lean meat or pig bone soup to drink, can effectively prevent litchi disease.

6, refrigerated litchi

. Put the fresh litchi picked in a container, sink it in a well or put it in a cold spring (water), and eat it overnight without fire. And it can transform dry Qi and replenish Yin. Qu Dajun, a great poet of the Qing Dynasty, said in his poems: & lt; The cold spring in the open well is a hundred feet deep. It sinks in the well after being picked. The sun turns into the moon, and the sun turns into the moon& rdquo;

7. Litchi growing in the East crown is

. Because litchi is a fruit tree with long sunshine, it likes the sunshine in the west, and the fruit matures from the West. Therefore, litchi growing in the West will be particularly sweet, but it will be more dry. Therefore, if you are afraid of fire, you can choose litchi growing on the East Branch, which is relatively mild.

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