Teach you how to limit your salt intake

How to limit the intake of salt. When it comes to salt, people used to think only about taste, but not disease. There are 160 million patients with hypertension in China. Excessive salt is one of the important reasons for high blood pressure. The World Health Organization recommends that the daily salt intake of healthy adults should not exceed 5g, including the amount of salt intake through various channels (soy sauce, pickles, monosodium glutamate and other condiments).

a few days ago, British scientists also found that the more salt intake, the more calcium excreted in urine, the worse the absorption of calcium. That is to say, less salt is equal to calcium. They pointed out that eating less salt is the most economical way to supplement calcium, and it is also the most beneficial way to health.

how to limit the intake of salt

Chinese people have been using too much salt for a long time, which makes their taste paralyzed and leads to the consumption of salt far away from the health index. The World Health Organization limits the recommended daily salt intake to 5g. Although it is not realistic in the short term, we should be aware of approaching this health index. Slowly adjust the paralyzed taste, taste sensitivity will gradually improve.

the first thing to do is to limit salt; The entrance is off;, That is, cooking should try to put less salt and salty condiments, here, several experts teach you some tips.

experts said that in addition to the use of limited salt spoon, you can also master & lt; Two cover Salt & quot; The law. At the beginning of the day to eat a beer bottle cap salt (no more than 10 grams), adapt to change to a daily toothpaste cap salt, about 4.5 grams.

when cooking, use soy sauce, soy sauce, sesame sauce seasoning, or use onion, ginger, garlic and other spices to improve flavor. The salt content of 5g soy sauce and 20g soybean paste is equivalent to 1g salt, and the dishes made are better than those made directly with salt.

the daily diet of northerners is mostly salty flavor, which can be appropriately improved by replacing salty flavor with sweet, sour and spicy flavor. For example, the flexible use of sucrose cooking sweet and sour dishes, or mixed with vinegar cold dishes, can make up for the lack of salty, but also can promote appetite. Experts believe that lemon, orange and tomato with natural sour taste can be used.

can make use of the strong flavor of vegetables, such as tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and so on, to cook with light food, such as tomato scrambled eggs.

fresh fish can be steamed and soaked in oil with less oil and salt; Meat can also be made into garlic white meat, spicy white meat and other dishes, which can improve flavor and reduce salt intake.

put salt again when the frying dish is out of the pot, so that the salt will not seep into the dish, but evenly spread on the surface, which can reduce the salt intake. Or sprinkle the salt directly on the vegetables, the tongue taste buds are strongly stimulated, which can arouse the appetite.

vegetables put less salt, otherwise easy to soup, resulting in the loss of water-soluble vitamins. In addition, try to change the cooking method of green vegetables. You can eat them raw. If you can’t eat them raw, you can’t stir them. It can save oil, control tobacco and adjust the amount of salt. Experts say the rest of the soup can be frozen for later use.

the last soup is best to drink light soup, no need to put salt, with mushrooms, fungus, kelp and other color and fresh enough.

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