Teach you how to remove peculiar smell for shoe cabinet

how to remove peculiar smell for shoe cabinet

trick 1: cover up the bad smell with camphor balls

buy some camphor balls from the supermarket, then wrap them one by one with paper and put them directly into the shoes, so that the shoes can’t smell the bad smell. Then put the rest of the camphor balls in other parts of the shoe cabinet, you can also crush the camphor balls, evenly spread in every corner of the shoe cabinet, so that the effect of deodorization is very good!

coup 2: use soap to remove odor

the odor in the shoe cabinet can be solved with a piece of soap. As long as you put a piece of soap in the shoe cabinet, you can easily remove the odor in the shoe cabinet. It can also add a lot of fragrance.

trick 3: remove the odor with white vinegar

put the white vinegar in the spray can, and then spray it in the shoe cabinet to dry the odor. You can also pour the white vinegar into the basin, pour hot water, and then throw the smelly socks and shoes into the bubble to remove the odor.

trick 4: bamboo charcoal has magical effect on deodorization.

natural bamboo charcoal is the best. It is wrapped with gauze with good air permeability and put in the shoe cabinet to remove the odor. It is very good. After a period of time, take out the charcoal bag and dry it in the sun, then it can be reused. Now there are ready-made charcoal bags on the market.

trick 5: use tea and coffee grounds to remove peculiar smell

take the shoes out of the shoe cabinet, wrap the discarded coffee and tea grounds into small bags with paper towel, or put them into silk stockings. And then put it into the shoes, these things have strong ability to absorb odor. Try baking soda and toilet water

if you have baking soda and toilet water in your home, you can find a smaller container, put baking soda in it, and then drop 4 or 5 drops of toilet water into the shoe cabinet. When the fragrance is volatilized, add 2 or 3 drops of toilet water, then you can use it again, saving money and easy to use!

tips 7. Deodorization of lemon peel and grapefruit peel

wrap the chopped lemon peel or grapefruit peel with gauze and put it in a corner of the shoe cabinet to cover up the odor. Pay attention to always remember to replace ha!

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