Teach you how to supplement calcium by eating

Teach you how to supplement calcium by eating

teach you how to supplement calcium by eating

1, use more dairy products as dishes or choose desserts.

can provide calcium for people who do not like to drink milk or have lactose intolerance. Experts suggest using milk instead of water to make steamed eggs, and adding some laver is better; Dishes such as buttered cabbage with skimmed milk are more flavorful. Desserts are a good time to supplement calcium. Homemade cheese cake, milk cloth and almond milk are nutritious and delicious.

2, homemade high calcium vinegar.

it’s a good way for nutritionists to make high calcium vinegar from broken eggshell. Experts pointed out that the clean eggshell is crushed and immersed in a small cup of vinegar. When acetic acid completely dissolves the eggshell, the small cup of vinegar is rich in 1800 mg of calcium, which can be used as usual cooking vinegar.

3, mushrooms cooked in the sun, vitamin D doubled.

Lentinus edodes contain ergosterol, which is converted into vitamin D after being exposed to the sun. Therefore, it is suggested that Lentinus edodes should be spread flat and exposed to the sun for 1-2 hours before cooking.

4, fruits into vegetables, vitamin C promote collagen synthesis.

vitamin C is very important for strong bones. It not only promotes collagen synthesis, but also helps calcium absorption. Experts suggest eating guava, citrus and other fruits rich in vitamin C after meals. Add vitamin C-rich fruits to vegetables, and cook them with calcium rich ingredients. For example, fry the dried fish with minced onion and garlic, add a slice of orange or lemon juice to make it sweet.

5. Don’t forget the calcium hidden in unexpected places.

some foods are not low in calcium, but they are easy to be ignored. For example, the cartilage when stewing spareribs is a good thing to supplement calcium directly. Clam soup, steamed oysters, roasted clams, don’t forget to add the soup to your stomach to increase calcium absorption. In the traditional tofu manufacturing process, in order to make the product coagulate into a solid state, calcium containing substances must be added, which is also the largest source of calcium.

6, protein with calcium increased absorption.

amino acids can help intestinal cells absorb calcium, so appropriate protein supplement can improve calcium absorption rate. Scallops and kale are good choices. Both kinds of food are rich in calcium, and scallops have protein, which can help absorb calcium from vegetable sources. Similarly, meat or eggs are also recommended when cooking seaweed or green leafy vegetables.

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