Teach you how to turn tin paper into a good kitchen helper

teach you how to turn tin paper into a good kitchen helper

1, save cleaning time

when baking meat in the oven, the baking plate is often full of sauce, oil and water, and difficult to wash. If before baking, you can put a layer of tin foil under the baking plate, and then put the ingredients on the baking plate, the sauce and oil will only seep into the baking plate with tin foil, and then it is convenient to clean the baking plate.

2, sharpening scissors

, fold the tin foil in half for five to six times with a certain thickness, then use the scissors to cut the folded tin foil several times, and the scissors can be easily ground in the process of cutting the tin foil.

3, enough to keep food warm

tin foil is divided into photosensitive surface and matte surface. The photosensitive surface has good heat absorption performance, while the matte surface has good heat preservation effect. Usually, after cooking at home, you can wrap the plate with tin foil before eating, which can have a good insulation effect.

4, wash sink

used tin paper knead into a ball, you can scrub the kitchen sink difficult to wash.

5, shorten the baking time

tin foil has good heat absorption, making it a good tool for wrapping food for cooking; The food that is not easy to be cooked is wrapped with tin foil and put into the oven. The sensitive surface of tin foil can absorb the heat in the oven and evenly distribute on the surface of the food, thus shortening the cooking time.

it should be noted that the matte side of the tin foil is used to contact the food, and the photosensitive side is outward, so that the food can be heated evenly to prevent scorching.

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