Teach you the most convenient way to save vegetables. The storage period of all kinds of vegetables is

. If you store vegetables directly in the refrigerator, sometimes it may cause frostbite, even the loss of nutrients in vegetables! Now let’s share the popular ways to save vegetables on the Internet! It is not only convenient to use, but also allows mothers with small babies to prepare baby non-staple food faster! What should I do? Let’s watch it together.

“ The refrigerator is a versatile place where everything can be stored& rdquo; Most people think so, but it’s actually a misconception. In particular, it’s wrong to buy too many vegetables and stuff them into the refrigerator when you can’t find a place to put them.

not all vegetables are cold resistant. If some vegetables are stored in the refrigerator for a long time, they are easily damaged by low temperature, especially the vegetables matured in summer. Eggplant may turn black if it is put in the refrigerator for a long time, and tomato will become soft and loose after it is put in the refrigerator for a long time. The same is true for potatoes.

after understanding the different properties of different vegetables, it is very helpful to choose the preservation method according to the properties of vegetables to maintain the fresh taste and nutrition of vegetables. Cold resistant vegetables are best preserved at room temperature, and cold resistant vegetables can be stored in the refrigerator.

after the vegetables are stored in the refrigerator, there are also several points that need to be paid attention to in order to really use the refrigerator flexibly and keep the vegetables fresh.

1. Pay attention to keep the moisture content of vegetables

in fact, the refrigerator is a drier environment than we think. When vegetables are directly put into the refrigerator, a lot of moisture will be lost and the freshness will be lost. Therefore, when putting vegetables, especially leafy vegetables, into the refrigerator, we should pay attention to keeping the moisture of vegetables. Specifically, vegetables should be put into plastic bags and then put into the refrigerator. Vegetables purchased in the supermarket usually have an opening at one end, which should be wrapped with another tape and then put into the refrigerator to prevent water loss of leafy vegetables.

2. Pay attention to the setting of refrigerator temperature

when storing vegetables, the lower the refrigerator temperature is, the better. It is very important to adjust the refrigerator temperature. In general, the temperature of vegetables in the refrigerator is 5-7 ℃. At the same time, you don’t need to put the vegetables in a special corner. It’s better to be in the place where you can see them as soon as you open the refrigerator, so as to ensure that you can eat them in time when they are still fresh and avoid long-term storage.

3. It’s better to wash vegetables before putting them in the refrigerator

Japanese professional nutritionist and chef Masako Matsumura believes that it’s better to wash vegetables before putting them in the refrigerator. This is because there is a lot of soil in vegetables, which contains parasites, eggs and other bacteria. It is not hygienic to buy vegetables and put them directly into the refrigerator. It’s best to put it in the refrigerator after cleaning with plastic bags, which can also save the next cooking time. However, it should be noted that after washing the vegetables, it is best to control the moisture before putting them into the refrigerator, so as to avoid the excessive moisture causing the vegetables to rot.

4. You can also pay attention to the position of vegetables

most people just throw vegetables into the refrigerator when they are preserving them, but Matsumura thinks that & lt; If you keep it in the field, you will lose less nutrients;, For example, wild vegetables can be stored vertically.

it is undeniable that no matter how much attention is paid to the preservation method, there will always be some loss of flavor of vegetables, one of which is corn. Corn is very sweet when it is just picked, but after a period of time, the sweetness will gradually fade and the taste will become hard. Of course, corn is only an extreme example, but no matter what kind of vegetables, there will be a loss of nutrition after long storage. Even if the cucumber is preserved in a good way to keep it crisp and refreshing, the flavor of cucumber will be lost in three days, because vegetables will consume their own nutrition in order to survive. Therefore, when you buy vegetables, you should try to buy and eat them on the same day, and don’t hoard them in large quantities, so as to avoid the loss of nutritional value.

in addition, in terms of preservation methods of vegetables, it is also a method to preserve vegetables after cooking. It’s good to make pickled vegetables or dry vegetables, but the nutritional value of vegetables will be greatly lost. Insist on eating fresh vegetables, no matter from the taste, or from the nutrition, is the best choice.


freezing raw onion directly can make its flavor completely sealed and become more delicious!

depending on the purpose, you can choose to slice or chop the onion and put it in the fresh-keeping bag to freeze.

after put into the fresh-keeping bag, you can use chopsticks to divide the onion in the bag into parts, which is more convenient to use.

put the boiled onion powder and the soup together in the ice box to freeze, then it can become a convenient baby food!


carrots have a long storage time, but if they are not treated first, it will be troublesome to cook.

cut into pieces or shreds according to the purpose. After boiling, drain the water and put it into the fresh-keeping bag for freezing preservation.

if you want to please children, you can also cut it into different shapes.

cut up the boiled carrots and keep them in ice box, which is also a kind of baby food for mothers!


after peeling garlic one by one, it will be very convenient to use next time!

chop the garlic and put it in the fresh-keeping bag. Flatten it as far as possible to keep it frozen. It will be easier to take out.

if it is slicing, also try to tile, do not overlap! It’ll be better.


what? Can tomatoes be frozen? Don’t doubt that tomatoes can also be frozen.

as long as the whole tomato sent to freeze up, in the semi thawed state will be very good peeling!

grind the peeled tomatoes into tomato sauce, which is very convenient for cooking and soup!

according to the amount of use into a bag, take more convenient.

, of course, can also be put into the ice box, and become a nutritious and convenient baby food!


if it is not treated and stored in the refrigerator, half of the nutrition will be lost in about a week!

in order to avoid the loss of nutrients, boil the water, put the cauliflower in and cook it for 30 seconds.

and then put it into the food preservation bag for frozen storage.

put some soup and cauliflower into ice box to freeze, it will be more convenient for mother to prepare baby food!


Komatsu bred from rape and turnip contains vitamins and minerals other than vitamin A and vitamin B12. It is an excellent green and yellow vegetable.

cut the Komatsu into 4-5cm length and put it into the fresh-keeping bag for frozen storage.

whether it’s cooking weizeng soup or noodles, you can add it directly!

Korean food

don’t worry! Even after freezing, the crisp taste of Korean food will not disappear!

cut into 5cm or so pieces or granules, put them into the fresh-keeping bag, seal and freeze, and the taste can be restored after thawing.


will taste better after freezing!

after washing the fresh mushrooms, cut off the roots and put them into the fresh-keeping bag for freezing preservation.

added when cooking, can add more delicious rice!

don’t waste the soup of boiled mushroom. Put it in ice box for freezing. It can be used as soup or baby food in the future.


wash the cabbage and freeze it. When you want to use it, just pour it with hot water.

with a variety of different ingredients can be changed into a lot of dishes!

are these methods very convenient? It is not only convenient to use, but also can reduce the time spent in the food. Mothers with small babies can easily prepare their children’s non-staple food!

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