Teach you the tips to stop the window fogging so that you can drive safely and safely to your destination

many riders must have encountered the situation that the window fogged when driving, resulting in the inability to clear the front road condition and rear-view mirror, which is a very dangerous time for driving cars and drivers. If you encounter the direct sunlight or the opposite lights, this situation will be more dangerous. After reading this article, I believe you can easily cope with the danger brought by this situation and arrive at your destination safely.

There are two conditions for window fogging:

high humidity

when the temperature of the window is lower than the dew point temperature, condensation will form on the surface of the window, This is the front windshield fog phenomenon that we often see.

the temperature is too low

there is a certain temperature difference on both sides of the window. When the saturated vapor pressure of water on the low temperature surface is lower than the vapor pressure of the surrounding environment, the water vapor will gather on the glass surface and seep out in the form of tiny water droplets to form fog vapor.

if the dew point temperature is higher than zero degree centigrade, fog will be formed; If the dew point temperature is below zero degrees Celsius, it becomes frosting.

How to avoid fogging:

1. Use the air conditioning system in the car.

the most common way is to turn on the fan and the refrigeration switch in the car, and the cold air will blow to the windshield, and the fog will be quickly removed; Sweep away & quot;. The effect of this move is very quick and direct, but the biggest drawback is that the people in the car will feel cold. In fact, in addition to the air conditioning refrigeration demisting, the use of hot air can also play a role in demisting.

the operation method is to park the car, start the air conditioner, turn the temperature adjustment button of the air conditioner to the hot air direction, and then select the demist block to dry the fog with hot air. During demisting, the air conditioner can be converted to external circulation to let fresh air from outside enter the cab. The initial effect of this method is general. When it is opened, the fog inside the glass will even become larger, because the temperature difference between inside and outside is greater. However, it can cure the root cause. After driving for a few minutes, the water vapor inside the car can be completely dried, and there will be no repeated fogging, and the temperature inside the car is more pleasant.

in addition to the front windshield, the side windows will also fog. The fog on the front side windows will affect the driver’s observation of the rear-view mirror. Today’s cars all have a small air outlet blowing independently to the front row side windows. If you want to make the side windows more effective in demisting, you’d better close the two central air outlets, so that the air outlets on both sides can get more air volume to disperse the fog.

2. The windows make the hot and cold air convection.

if the fog is not big and the outside of the car is not very cold, open a gap between the windows on both sides, so that the air inside the car convection, the temperature inside the car slowly approaches the outside temperature, and the fog will disperse. This is a simple and convenient method when it doesn’t rain and the temperature outside the car is not very low. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for use when running at high speed.

3. Use special antifogging products.

these products are sold in auto supplies stores or online, and the price is usually dozens of yuan. Spray and wipe the windows evenly before each use to form a transparent protective film on the glass to prevent the formation of fog. Spraying once can prevent fog for 10 days to half a month, but the disadvantage is the high cost.

4. Detergent with dry cloth.

take the detergent and mix it with water (the ratio is 1:6), apply it evenly on the glass inside the car with sponge, and wipe it with towel after it is dry without leaving watermark. In general, it can effectively keep the fog free within 20 hours. Its principle is basically the same as that of spraying special antifogging agent, but the effect is a little poor, so it is a simple and economical method.

5. Don’t forget the rear windshield heating wire.

at present, there are almost all models on the market; Rear windshield heating & quot; The indication of function and switch button is similar. Open & lt; Rear windshield heating & quot; Switch on and off, and the rear window can become transparent in less than a minute.

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