Teach you three ways to cook more healthy instant noodles, instant noodles shopping skills

modern people are busy with work, three meals a day without timing, a bag of instant noodles is the most convenient, time-saving and delicious choice. But instant noodles are famous; Junk food;, The bottom of the noodles is high in oil and cholesterol, and the salt content of the seasonings exceeds the standard without nutrition. It is also said that eating too much instant noodles will lead to baldness, which makes people love and hate. I want to eat but I’m afraid that every index exceeds the standard. Today, I’ll teach you three simple tips to make instant noodles healthier.

1、 Material selection: choose non fried bottom

instant noodles. The unique flavor comes from frying, and the taste is more refreshing than non fried bottom. However, after high-temperature frying, starchy food will absorb a lot of oil, even up to 30% of its original weight. In addition, palm oil with high content of saturated fat is often used in fried instant noodles, and vegetable oil will turn into trans fatty acid blocking blood vessels after high temperature treatment, which greatly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. In fact, there are many kinds of non fried healthy instant noodles on the market. When you buy them, you can pay attention to the label & lt; Non fried & quot; Or similar words.

2. Seasoning: put half a packet, do not drink soup

in order to enhance the flavor of soup, the seasoning oil of instant noodles mostly uses lard, butter and other animal fats, which will increase the intake of saturated fat. As for seasoning powder, it contains a lot of salt and monosodium glutamate. In order to make the soup more fragrant and attractive, instant noodles on the market will use more than the recommended amount of food safety. Therefore, it is suggested that when cooking, you can halve the amount of seasoning package, reduce the taste of the flavor, and replace it with natural pepper or chili powder. After eating noodles, don’t drink the noodle soup containing seasoning.

3. Cooking noodles: add vegetables to cook and pour out the water for the first time

it is said that eating too much instant noodles will lead to baldness, which is actually caused by malnutrition. It is reported that nearly six people who have been eating instant noodles for a long time suffer from malnutrition. At present, they also suffer from iron deficiency, riboflavin deficiency, zinc deficiency and vitamin deficiency. The nutrition of instant noodles mainly comes from the bottom of the noodles. In addition, there are only small bags of vegetables. However, starch lacks essential vitamins and other elements, which need to be taken from fruits and vegetables. The noodles can be cooked with vegetables, such as carrot rich in vitamin A, spinach rich in various vitamins and broccoli rich in vitamin C. If it’s not too troublesome, you can also pour the first boiled noodle water, and then add seasoning, which can separate the oil at the bottom of the layer, and the taste will be fresher.

the above three measures can reduce the impact of instant noodle additives on health. However, instant noodles are not as healthy as natural ingredients and hand-made noodles. It is recommended to eat less!

Eat more is not conducive to health, mainly for the following reasons:

one is the high oil content, because most of the instant noodles are fried to dry. However, Professor Hu pointed out that compared with French fries and hamburgers, the oil content in instant noodles is not very high, with an average of 16% – 18% of the oil contained in each meal, of which 11% is palm oil, which is beneficial to human health, while the oil content in a hamburger is about 30%, nearly double that of instant noodles.

second, it contains certain additives. Professor Hu said that when it comes to additives, people turn pale and think that they are unhealthy substances. This is a misconception in concept. The food industry cannot do without thickeners, stabilizers and other additives. The state allows the use of these additives, which have been strictly tested and proved to be harmless to human body, so we can eat them safely.

three is the acrylamide problem which is concerned by many people. Professor Hu pointed out that all starchy foods can produce this carcinogen when cooked at high temperature (over 120 ℃), so it is found in French fries and instant noodles.

Purchase method:

instant noodles are popular among consumers of different levels because of its strong ready to eat and suitable price. Instant noodles can be divided into two types according to different production processes. One is fried instant noodles, that is, the cakes are fried and dried; The other is hot air drying instant noodles, that is, the cakes are dried by hot air. So, how to identify good instant noodles? Methods are as follows:

look at the color: all cakes are uniform milky white or light yellow, no coke, raw phenomenon is qualified instant noodles.

smell: the smell of good instant noodles is normal, and there is no mildew smell, karaoke smell and other peculiar smell.

look at the appearance: good instant noodles have neat appearance and uniform pattern.

look at rehydration: instant noodles with no obvious broken or drawn strips after rehydration and no taste of raw or sticky teeth are qualified.

In addition, we should also pay attention to the following points:

choose the first move: look at the manufacturer: choose instant noodles, you must first choose famous brand products, and above must have food market access; QS" Logo products. Because famous brand products and products have & quot; QS" The production enterprises of the marked products are all large-scale production enterprises, and they have been supervised by the state many times. Generally speaking, the product quality of large enterprises is relatively good. Therefore, the choice of those with China’s well-known trademarks, national inspection free products and other honors of the formal brand products, quality, health, taste, nutrition are more guaranteed.

choose the second move: look at the production date: pay attention to the production date of instant noodles, try to choose products with a relatively recent date.

choose the third move: look at the ingredients list: pay attention to the ingredients list of instant noodles, the main ingredients can be seen on the top, you can also refer to the ingredients list to choose the taste. This can basically ensure that you buy at ease, eat comfortable.

choose the fourth move: see if the package is in good condition: pay attention to whether the package is exquisite and beautiful, see if the package is in good condition without damage. When choosing instant noodles, we must choose those with good packaging, clear trademark and clear manufacturer. As we all know, once the packaging is broken, it is easy to be polluted, and it will accelerate the speed of food oxidation and deterioration. In addition, even if the package is complete, you must carefully check and identify before eating. Most famous brand enterprises use automatic packing machine to pack, but in order to reduce the cost, the counterfeiters pack the instant noodles by hand under very simple conditions, so they must not buy the instant noodles with damaged packaging.

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