Teach you to distinguish between the front and the back of the car tire is dangerous, pay attention to

new tire state, front wheel or rear wheel? You will know how to install your car after watching it. Go to the repair shop to change two front tires. The master says it’s safer to change the new tire to the back. Is that right? Let’s take a look at it with you.

How to distinguish whether a tire is installed correctly can be done through the following points: first, look at the logo. Generally, there are & lt; marks on the outside of the tire; OUTSIDE” The second is to distinguish by the arrow on the tire. Anyway, some tires have arrow marks on the outside, and the direction that the arrow points to is the direction of the car’s forward travel.

tires are designed with different patterns due to different use scenarios and different functions, This is produced through precise calculation and design. The tread pattern of the tire has a certain impact on the handling, comfort, wear resistance and grip of the tire. If the tire is installed reversely, all these properties will be greatly reduced.

also has a rear drive type, which drives the vehicle forward through the rear wheels. If the tires are installed reversely, it will lead to the problem of insufficient grip. Then the accelerator is a little heavier, and the vehicle is out of control every minute. So remember not to install

reversely. There is also a kind of tire. Here is a special reminder that some high-performance sports cars use single guide tires, That is, the tread patterns are all in the same direction, which are characterized by low movement resistance, high speed level, good handling performance and fashionable appearance.

If this kind of tire is installed reversely, it will be the opposite, which will seriously lead to the reduction of vehicle grip, tire shaking, direction deviation and other dangers.

new tires should be installed in the front or rear. There is no unified standard, and the statements are different, but either way makes sense.

change the new tire to the front wheel: because the front wheel is responsible for steering, changing the new tire can reduce the risk of tire burst, which is safer, with better grip and stronger braking force.

change the new tire to the backstage: because the grip is very important, it will be very dangerous if the tire slips out of control after driving in a curve!

front drive it is better to replace the front tire for front drive. The characteristics of the front drive car determine that the front wheel needs to bear a lot of working pressure. The steering, acceleration and braking of daily driving will act on the front wheel. Therefore, compared with the rear follow-up wheel, the wear degree of the front drive wheel is more serious, and the probability of tire burst is higher. The vehicle will become more difficult to control and more dangerous. Therefore, if you use the front drive wheel, it is recommended to replace the new tire with the front wheel.

It’s better to change the rear tires for rear driving

drivers who choose rear driving prefer to control the vehicle. Changing the new tires to the rear wheels is not to prevent tire burst, but to prevent the rear tires from losing grip.

as the power output is at the rear wheel, the rear wheel is easy to slip due to the characteristics of rear driving. If the rear tire pattern is worn too seriously, it is more likely to cause serious loss of grip, and the vehicle is in danger of losing control. This is especially evident in rain, snow and wet roads. Therefore, if you use the rear drive.

, it is best to replace the new tire with the rear wheel, so as to avoid the risk of losing the grip of the tire and causing the vehicle out of control.

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