Teach you to master the law of pesticide residues in vegetables

Teach you to master the law of pesticide residues in vegetables

teach you to master the law of pesticide residues in vegetables

& lt; Wormhole & quot; Vegetables may not be safer

many consumers believe that vegetables with wormhole are safer to eat without pesticides. But in fact, the presence or absence of wormholes does not determine whether pesticides have been used. According to the growth cycle of vegetables, in order to prevent diseases and pests, vegetable farmers often spray pesticides in the early stage. The vegetables with wormhole that consumers see are often vegetables that are very close to the market, and the pesticide residues may be higher. So, don’t blindly think that vegetables with wormhole are not sprayed with pesticides.

winter vegetables pesticide residue is relatively small,

according to the season of vegetables pesticide residue order, roughly as follows: Summer & gt; Spring, autumn & gt; Winter. The leafy vegetables in winter, spring and autumn are relatively safe, because there are few insects, almost no pesticides. In summer, there are more insects, and most of them are planted in the open air.

what we eat is nothing more than open-air vegetables and fruits or greenhouse vegetables. The former is more natural and tastes better, but it is difficult to control diseases and pests. Greenhouse vegetables can use physical methods such as anti-virus nets to control pests, which has advantages in reducing pesticide residues.

vegetables with special flavor are relatively safe

according to the statistics of China’s agricultural products monitoring center, the qualified rate of pesticide residues in vegetables from low to high is: beans (cowpea, concanavalia, etc.), eggplant (pepper, eggplant, etc.), cabbage (cabbage, Chinese cabbage, etc.), green leaf vegetables (spinach, lettuce, etc.), taro root vegetables (potato, etc.) Onion, garlic, melons (cucumber, wax gourd, etc.), the highest is edible fungi. In this way, the qualified rate of cowpea, concanavalin and other pesticide residues is low, so we should pay attention to them when buying and eating.

in addition, coriander, fennel, chrysanthemum and other special fragrance, this spicy is a natural insect repellent, the probability of infection is low, can be more assured to eat.

short time blanching water is more effective

high temperature heating can decompose pesticides, blanching water can remove about 80% of pesticide residues, especially spinach, cabbage, rape, cabbage and other leafy vegetables, while beans, celery, cauliflower and other hot water for a few minutes can reduce pesticide residues by 30%. Most of the pesticides generally remain in the skin of fruits and vegetables, cucumber, carrots, apples, pears and other best peeled food.

washing under running water

it is found that the mechanical movement plays a key role in the removal of pesticides, but it has little to do with the solubility of pesticides. Therefore, when we don’t know the kinds of pesticide residues in vegetables, it is recommended to wash them with running water and gently rub them at the same time, which will have better effect.

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