Teaching you how to eat together without meat

How to teach you to have dinner without meat

how to teach you to have dinner without meat

when friends get together and colleagues get together, it’s inevitable to have dinner together, and some people have to have dinner together frequently because of the nature of their work. When we have dinner together, the dishes are usually greasy and we often get fat. Is there any way that we can not get fat even if we have dinner together often? The following small make up to introduce a few small methods, let you dinner will not grow meat.

1, eat more vegetables and less meat at dinner

, choose steamed, boiled and other low calorie dishes as far as possible, and pay attention to more materials. If it’s someone else’s order, try to choose light dishes, eat more vegetables and eat less greasy meat. When eating, pay attention to chewing, which can help increase the sense of fullness, in order to prevent overeating.

2, cushion your stomach before dinner

before dinner, you can have something to cushion your stomach, remember to eat low calorie food, such as milk, yogurt, cucumber, tomato, apple, etc., this can make your stomach feel full first, and prevent you from eating too much high calorie food unconsciously.

3, light fasting after dinner

if you eat a lot of heavy greasy food, or eat too much, you can take light fasting the next day to let your stomach rest and eat, while maintaining weight.

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