Teeth yellow how to do Teeth Whitening Tips

teeth on a person’s face value is very big, again beautiful people speak to reveal a yellow teeth, I believe people will be very diaphragmatic. So what are the methods of whitening teeth? Now, let’s get to know the tips of tooth whitening together!

Teeth Whitening Tips

7, brush teeth with salt


Salt is a common seasoning in the kitchen, and the price is also very cheap. You can buy a big bag for 2 or 3 yuan. How to use salt whitening teeth? Apply appropriate amount of salt on the toothbrush to brush your teeth. If you stick to it for a week, your teeth will be much whiter. This method whitening teeth principle is: salt particles friction tooth surface, can play a role in cleaning pigment deposition, and salt has a certain bactericidal effect, help clean dental plaque.

6, brush your teeth with orange peel

, I believe we all know that orange peel has seen orange peel, orange is a very common fruit, generally only a few yuan a Jin. When eating oranges, don’t throw away the peel. Leave it, dry it and grind it into powder. When brushing teeth, take an appropriate amount of orange peel powder and toothpaste on the toothbrush to brush teeth. If you stick to it for a week, your teeth will turn white. The principle of orange peel whitening teeth is: the acid contained in orange peel can soften the surface of teeth, and brush teeth to remove stains on the surface of teeth.

5, brush teeth with lemon juice


Lemon is a very common kind of fruit, which is sold in general supermarkets. It costs about 2 or 3 yuan, and the price is not expensive. If you want to whiten your teeth, dip a proper amount of lemon juice into your toothbrush every time you brush your teeth, then smear it on your teeth, keep it for one or two minutes, and then rinse it with water. If you stick to it for a week, you will find that your teeth will turn white gradually. The principle of lemon juice whitening teeth is that it is rich in vitamin C and other nutrients, which can play a good cleaning role.

4, vinegar gargle

, vinegar can dissolve calcium carbonate, of course, it can also dissolve the tartar in the mouth. Before brushing teeth, the mouth with a mouthful of vinegar, wait about 3 minutes to spit out to brush teeth, you can easily brush off the stubborn residues in the mouth. But vinegar, after all, is a corrosive acid, not commonly used, only suitable for emergency.

3, peanut paste brushing


Peanut is a delicious snack, but do you know it also has whitening effect? It’s said that if you chew the raw peanuts into paste, don’t swallow them. Use them directly as toothpaste. If you stick to it for a period of time, you can see the whitening effect.

2, yeast powder brushing

yeast powder is also a kind of material that can whiten teeth, it can effectively remove the dirt on the teeth, and return the teeth to a white state. When using, add a little yeast powder on the toothpaste, and then stick to brushing for a period of time, you can see the whitening effect.

1, baking soda brushing


Baking soda is weakly acidic, which can quickly decompose tea scale or cigarette scale on teeth, and has a certain whitening effect on teeth. Dip a little baking soda into your toothbrush, and then brush your teeth in the right way, so you can whiten your teeth.

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