Ten ways to identify genuine CDs so that you don’t have to spend money wrongly

the advantages and disadvantages of genuine and pirated CDs and the rules of existence are a big topic; Genuine & quot;, It is a kind of audio-visual products that are obtained copyright through legal channels and published by legal audio-visual publishing institutions registered in the Ministry of culture& ldquo; Genuine & quot; In addition to works with domestic copyright, there are also & lt; Import original & quot; And & lt; Introduction & quot;. In this summary of a few in the audio-visual industry roll play experience, to help disc friends distinguish genuine.

Ten ways to identify genuine CDs:

1, [see label]

all genuine CDs have circular laser anti-counterfeiting labels issued by the Ministry of culture. In the early years, they were small labels, but now they are new ones with big labels (the original version imported legally, such as the one imported from China Library), There is also this label. In addition, there is a Chinese label attached to the outside. If you have that label, you can’t say that it’s 100% genuine, but if you don’t have it, it’s basically not genuine. Please refer to Appendix 1 for specific identification methods of labels.


many well-known films have not been released in China, such as the Lord of the rings series, Star Wars series, godfather series, Forrest Gump, Brokeback Mountain, six people, 24 hours and so on, So if you see these films on a website or shop, you can basically conclude that they are selling pirated films.

3. [see version]

large Xinhua bookstores generally do not sell pirated books, while the original copyright agreement is usually unique, that is, a variety will only be distributed by one manufacturer (except public version), d5 and D9; Simple and boxed; Silver version and gold version are just a few versions, so if you see different versions from large Xinhua bookstores or can be sure that they are genuine versions, such as completely different packaging, different number of discs and different distribution organizations, you can basically conclude that they are pirated. It is true that the packaging of the same version has been changed by the manufacturer during the distribution period, but it is rare.

4 [see manufacturers]

there are genuine manufacturers, such as Zhonglu Warner, Zhonglu Dejiala, Taisheng, Zhongkai, pretty girl, Feishi, donghexing, and so on. There are pirated manufacturers: 5K, Honglong, Feima, Jintuo, Chuangjia, MAC, UPS UFO, focus, Qilin, Dijing, Zunbao & hellip& hellip;

5. [price]

the main cost of the original is the copyright fee, so the pricing of different films from different manufacturers may vary greatly. It’s normal for a D5 to be as cheap as 5 yuan and more than 20 yuan more expensive. On the contrary, if a seller sells all kinds of D5 at the same price and D9 at the same price, it can be concluded that it’s not the original, Because the genuine price system is not like this at all.

6. [ironing is the iron proof]

the genuine never irons the code (the so-called ironing is the SID code left by the production line deliberately ironing out the inner ring of the disc), because the genuine does not have the problem of being afraid to trace the origin of the production, which is quite different from the popular ironing code of piracy. However, not all genuine disc inner ring have visible coding.

7 [see material]

it is a popular practice in the piracy industry to mix materials across districts, such as the pictures in zone 2 of France + subtitles in zone 3 of Hong Kong; There is no such concept in the legal edition of the pictures in zone 1 of the United States + zone 6 of national distribution, etc., so it can be concluded that it is piracy when you see such a flaunting. For TV series, as long as you see the words of HDTV on the screen, you don’t have to think about it. 100% of them are pirated. This kind of disc is made by directly capturing TV signals.

8. [package can’t be trusted]

genuine piracy has nothing to do with the degree of exquisite packaging. Don’t think it’s genuine when you see the exquisite packaging. Rough packaging means piracy. The main cost of genuine is copyright fee, but piracy doesn’t have this cost, so piracy can do a good job in packaging at the same price, For those old films that have become public editions, such as the Kurosawa series and the old European classics, there is no copyright fee or the copyright fee is very low. The original version can be sold for 5 yuan, which is cheaper than many pirated films.

9, image quality chuck is not based on

CD is a digital technology, piracy will not reduce the image quality because of copying, similarly, as long as the use of a good disk base will not chuck. Therefore, the image quality and whether the chuck can not be used as a basis for judging the genuine. The image quality mainly depends on the quality of the film source. The image quality of a digital version DVD (frame by frame scanning film, and then combining the static picture into dynamic video, commonly known as disc version) that was repaired and carefully made 30 years ago can make a new film, but it is made by using the glue to magnetic technology (using digital camera equipment to directly convert dynamic light and shadow, commonly known as film version, shadow version or analog version), But it’s not the gun belt. The gun belt is a pirated patent. The production cost of the digital version is two orders of magnitude higher than that of the film version. Therefore, most domestic low-cost films, even Hong Kong and Taiwan films, are made from rubber to magnetic. Pirated films will never scan their own films to make digital DVD. They will only use the digital film source that has been made by the original. Therefore, these films that only have the rubber to magnetic version are not clear whether they are genuine or pirated.


hdvd; Compact disk & quot; Or & lt; Economy DVD;, It can be played on ordinary DVD player. The medium is DVD. MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 encoding is adopted. Each disc can hold up to 7 hours of programs (i.e. 8-10 episodes of TV dramas) with low bit stream. The picture quality is slightly higher than or equal to VCD, which is far behind ordinary DVD. Many legitimate manufacturers began to launch compressed discs in the second half of 2004, and the trend is gradually prosperous. Audiences in developed countries enjoy 1280 & times; When 720 resolution started high-definition video, Chinese people were still intoxicated with 320 & times; This is a compact disc with VCD level image quality. It should be emphasized that no matter MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 coding is adopted, once the bit stream is lower than the normal VCD bit stream (i.e. video 1.15mb/s), the image quality will drop sharply and be miserable. This is why a large number of D9 compact discs (one disc can hold more than 20 episodes) have poor image quality. Generally speaking, D5 can hold 7 hours, D9 can hold 13 hours, which is the capacity limit of the compressed disc on the premise of maintaining the VCD image quality.

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