The 12 magical effects of beautiful nail polish are

nail polish, also known as &ldquo. Nail paint;. Its main components are 70% – 80% volatile solvents, about 15% nitrocellulose, a small amount of oily solvents, camphor, titanium dioxide and oil soluble pigments. The film formed by nail polish after fingernail is firm and has a proper luster. It protects the nails and gives the nails a sense of beauty.

The 12 magical effects of beautiful nail polish are

nail polish, which can not only make your nails beautiful, but also make other objects look bright in life. Let’s look at the other 12 magical effects of nail polish.

1, some wooden hangers at home are not very smooth. Some of them are rough and dry. They are coated with transparent nail polish on rough places. After they are dried, they need not worry about rowers or flowers.

2, there are many keys in the family, which can be classified by using different color nail polish.

3, some cheap jewelry is easy to fade, and apply some transparent nail polish to the skin near the skin, which can prevent the jewellery from oxidizing and darkening.

4, glue can not be found in the envelopes, you can use nail polish instead of glue, like the wax used in ancient times.

5. When sewing, it is difficult to pierced pinholes because of the broken ends. When there are no other tools, nail polish can be applied to the online head. When the thread is dried, the thread will harden and it will be easy to pass through.

6, some cheap clothes, often drop buttons, do not want to re sew a button, you can use nail polish on the clasp line, and after drying, the hardness of the line is strengthened, more durable.

7, small ceramic or wooden objects break, apply some nail polish on the section, butt the cross section, press it slightly with hands, and resume after drying.

8. The laces of white tourist shoes are often black by metal belt holes. Apply transparent nail polish around the holes of the new shoes, so that the shoelaces are kept white.

9, the paint on the refrigerator has some tiny cracks. It can be coated with white nail polish on the cracks, so that the cracks will continue to grow.

10, if the furniture lacquer surface is scratching, use the crayons or pigments similar to the furniture color to spread the wound of the furniture, and then apply the transparent nail polish to the thin layer.

11. Applying nail polish on a fixed screw will increase the service life of the screw.

12, you can use different colors of nail polish on individual exclusive barrels or other containers for marking.

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