The 30 magic effects of salt:

30 magic effects of salt:

30 magic effects of salt:

1, throat & mdash& mdash; Singing, speaking will be hoarse, drinking salt water will not.

2, dandruff & mdash& mdash; You have dandruff. It’s annoying. Common salt water shampoo can remove dandruff and prevent hair from falling off.

3, broccoli washing & mdash& mdash; Vegetables, there are green insects, as long as the vegetables into the salt water, those evil insects will climb out with you.

4, vitamin C loss & mdash& mdash; If you grind fruits and vegetables with juice or fruit and vegetable juicer, you will lose a lot of vitamin C, so just put some salt in before grinding!

5, bowl dirt & mdash& mdash; Thick salt water or salt water + vinegar, OK!

6, CANDLE & mdash& mdash; If you light a candle and put some salt near the wick, you can make it brighter and last longer.

7, relieving cough & mdash& mdash; With salt and water ratio of 1:100, stir evenly, drink salt water with straw.

8, borer & mdash& mdash; Wood furniture will have moths, with salt water on the surface of the furniture rub, you can effectively prevent moths.

9, boiled eggs & mdash& mdash; Adding a little salt in the water can prevent the eggshell from getting worse and prevent the broken egg protein from flowing out. After cooking, put it in cold water and the eggshell will peel well.

10, coffee + salt & mdash& mdash; Can drink, of course, do not have a flavor (a little good!).

11, rattan, bamboo & mdash& mdash; Washing rattan and bamboo utensils with salt water can make them durable!

12, fire & mdash& mdash; Putting salt wrapped in newspaper into fire can not only increase firepower, but also reduce smoke.

13, brushing teeth & mdash& mdash; Brush your teeth with refined salt or salt water. Your teeth will be stronger and whiter.

14, emetic & mdash& mdash; When food poisoning or excessive drinking lead to discomfort, use strong saline to help induce vomiting.

15, dust & mdash& mdash; When the dust contaminates the white clothes or cloth, it can be washed with warm brine to remove the dust.

16, broom & mdash& mdash; Soak the newly bought broom in salt water for a while, and it will not depilate when used after drying.

17, clam & mdash& mdash; Before boiling clams, soak them in salt water and let them spit sand, so that they won’t eat sand.

18, milk & mdash& mdash; Don’t be afraid that the milk will taste bad. Add salt to keep it for several days, and you can bake cake and wash your hair after expiration.

19, steamed rice & mdash& mdash; Put the salt water and washed rice into the electric rice cooker, not only the steamed rice is loose and soft, but also has a unique flavor.

20, fruit & mdash& mdash; Apples, pears and other iron-containing fruits will change color after peeling for a long time. Don’t worry, just put them in salt water after peeling to prevent color change.

21, bathing & mdash& mdash; Add some bath salt or table salt when you take a bath in the bathtub, which can not only kill bacteria, but also refresh yourself.

22, vinegar & mdash& mdash; Add some salt to the vinegar to keep it for a long time.

23, scald Marks & mdash& mdash; If there are hot marks on tables and chairs, mix them with olive oil and salt. Rub them on the hot marks for another hour and then wipe them clean. They will be restored to their original state.

24, weeding & mdash& mdash; If weeds grow very fast in the home, you can sprinkle a lot of salt on the weeds, 3 or 4 days later.

25, cramps & mdash& mdash; If you have cramps and chills, you can stir fry the salt, wrap it in cloth and wipe it back and forth in your limbs!

26, burn, scald & mdash& mdash; Immerse the wound in saline for 10 minutes or sprinkle the wound with salt to relieve pain and kill bacteria.

27, towel & mdash& mdash; Towel used for a long time, there will be wet sticky phenomenon, can be rubbed with salt, washed with water will not be wet sticky.

28, wood & mdash& mdash; Wood will turn black after a long time. It can be recovered after being wiped with salt water.

29, oil splashing & mdash& mdash; When frying food, you can put a little salt in the pot, which can not only prevent the oil from gushing out, but also won’t scorch.

30, mouth broken & mdash& mdash; Mouth broken for a long time can not be good, as long as the salt wipe mouth broken place back to good.

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