The 7 reasons why you must eat garlic are

. If the smell of garlic is negligible, it can be selected as the healthiest food. In addition to its supposed flavoring value, the latest medical discovery shows that its many health added values are even more breathtaking – sterilization, detoxification, anti-cancer, anti-oxidation, lowering blood lipid… Basically, every modern civilized disease can find antidotes in this food that produces uncivilized flavor at the same time.

1, natural broad-spectrum antibacterial plant

abuse of antibiotics has always been a concern of doctors. On the one hand, people benefit from the efficacy of antibiotics, on the other hand, they must bear the adverse intervention and intrusion of antibiotics on body health. Garlic is a natural antibiotic, its antifungal effect is particularly prominent, and almost no toxic and side effects. In the 19th century, garlic was found to have antibacterial activity. Later studies confirmed that garlic can inhibit and kill many intestinal pathogenic bacteria (such as common Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus, Escherichia coli, etc.), and garlic also enjoys the reputation of “gastrointestinal disinfectant”. Different from all kinds of powerful antibiotics, bacteria almost have no resistance to garlic.

, cholesterol rich killer

material life greatly enriched, cholesterol has become an exceptionally sensitive index, because the growth of cholesterol index is closely related to heart disease, diabetes and other rich diseases. It has been reported that garlic can prevent the increase of plasma cholesterol and reduce blood lipid, and its lipid-lowering effect is even better than some commonly used lipid-lowering drugs. This discovery extends the medicinal value of garlic to the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which is of great significance.

3, garlic can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke

why can garlic prevent thrombosis? Scientists have found a substance called ajoene in garlic that lubricates platelets in the blood. The more lubricated the platelets are, the less likely they are to clot together to form a thrombus. Thrombosis is an important cause of heart attack and stroke. Therefore, many people with hyperlipidemia insist on eating half a head of garlic every day; Some of them even use garlic as a necessary travel and long-term health food. Although garlic does reduce cholesterol in the early stage, experts still suggest that people should not use this short-term effect to replace cholesterol lowering drugs and develop a low-fat diet.

4, liver guardian

, the job of the liver is to deal with and decompose all kinds of toxins. Now the large intake of junk food and contaminated food has brought great pressure to this organ of modern people. Many fatty liver is due to excessive fat intake, the liver has no time to decompose and accumulate.

studies found that garlic has a strong inhibition of LPO activity, so that the latter can not damage the structure of liver cell membrane, thus protecting the liver; The level of serum transaminase of people who eat garlic is not high. Garlic can not only prevent mercury, cadmium and other harmful elements from being absorbed by intestinal wall, but also improve the detoxification function of liver. Researchers found that simple oral garlic tablets (0.3 g each tablet), 3 times a day, 4 tablets each time, taking 1 month as a course of treatment, can effectively treat icteric hepatitis, prevent and treat lead poisoning.

5, tumor inhibition

the biggest killer of human life is cancer. With the change of environmental pollution and lifestyle, the incidence of cancer is higher and higher, and there is a trend of younger. The researchers collected a lot of data about the relationship between garlic and cancer from many countries, including China, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands and so on. In general, compared with those who didn’t eat much garlic, those who liked garlic (eating more than 6 cloves a day) had a 30% lower risk of colon cancer and a 50% lower risk of gastric cancer. Garlic is also effective in preventing prostate cancer, laryngeal cancer, bladder cancer and breast cancer.

study also found that garlic can slow down the growth of tumor. The researchers injected garlic extract into animals with tumors and found that garlic could inhibit the growth of some tumors. Although this conclusion needs more confirmation, the preliminary results show that garlic has inhibitory effect on different stages of tumor development.

6, resistance years, stay beautiful

now we all know, the reason why the appearance will be aging is because of the role of oxidation. Garlic can promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue quickly. It is found that garlic is rich in antioxidants, which can significantly reduce the content of lipid peroxide in serum, improve and enhance the physique, and enhance the body immunity. Some scholars compared garlic with ginseng, and found that the antioxidant activity of alliin and garlic ethanol extract in vitro was even better than ginseng, which had obvious anti-aging effect. The folk formula of “strengthening yang” with garlic has been used for thousands of years.

, reduce fat and reduce blood fat

if you exceed the standard weight, then you are more than 5 times more likely to suffer from diabetes and hyperlipidemia than normal weight people. This is a clinical survey by Harvard Medical School. Some experiments have shown that garlic can improve the process of glucose metabolism and affect the synthesis of fat; Domestic research also confirmed that garlic preparation can improve the body’s glucose tolerance and reduce the high blood glucose level. Garlicin 120 mg daily for 50 days. This has been shown to improve glucose tolerance in normal people. The possible reason is that garlic can promote insulin secretion, enhance the absorption of glucose by tissue cells, and improve the tolerance of human body to glucose.

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