The advantages and disadvantages of eating apples

apples are known as the king of all kinds of fruits. They are the most common fruits in daily life. Apples contain a variety of trace elements that are good for human health. Eating more apples is good for promoting health. For female friends, eating apples can make the skin more elastic, For people with constipation, eating apples can also prevent constipation.

in short, eating apples is of great help to promote health, but apples are not suitable for people to eat. If they are not suitable for eating apples, they will do great harm to health. So who is not suitable to eat apples in life? If you can’t eat apples and eat them, what harm will it bring to your body.

1, reducing blood fat is one of the biggest benefits of people eating apples, because people often eat apples can reduce the content of triglyceride in the blood, and the high content of triglyceride is an important reason for people to have high blood fat, so eating apples has become the best way to reduce blood fat.

2. Lowering blood pressure is also a great benefit of eating apples, because apples contain potassium, which can be combined with sodium in the body and then excreted from the body. Sodium is the evil source of increasing blood pressure in the human body. For this reason, apples have become healthy fruits for lowering blood pressure, and can also play the role of preventing stroke and cerebral thrombosis.

3, prevention of cancer is also one of the advantages of eating apples. Apple polyphenols can control the generation and regeneration of cancer cells. People often eat apples, which can reduce the incidence rate of cancer. Apple has the most obvious preventive effect on lung cancer, and it is suitable for smokers to eat.

what are the disadvantages of eating apple

1? Although apple is a fruit with many benefits, people should also pay attention to the control of quantity when eating, and can’t eat with aquatic products, otherwise it will produce constipation.

2, apple is not suitable for diabetics to eat, because the sugar content in apples is very high. After eating diabetes, the symptoms of blood sugar increase will be very harmful to the body.

finally remind apple is good, but can’t eat too much at one time, because for people who want to use apple to lose weight, it’s better to eat more other nutrients, so as to better promote health. Of course, under normal circumstances, eating more apples is of great help to promote health.

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