The anticancer eating method of broccoli

Broccoli’s anti-cancer eating method

broccoli’s anti-cancer eating method

broccoli steaming is the most anti-cancer. Once the black mustard enzyme is destroyed, sulforaphane has no anti-cancer effect. Therefore, compared with other cooking methods, broccoli steaming for about 5 minutes, black mustard enzyme keeps the best, which makes broccoli more anticancer. In this regard, experts suggest that broccoli should be cut when cooking. The whole broccoli cluster is composed of many small flowers. If it is cut directly on the cutting board, many small flowers will scatter and cause losses. It is suggested that after washing broccoli, use scissors to cut flower clusters from the root connection, or use hands to break them off directly, so as to get complete flower clusters. In addition, studies have found that broccoli and tomatoes eat together, cancer prevention effect will be stronger.

broccoli was heated at 60 ℃. Researchers from a university in the United States found that to get the anticancer substance of broccoli, two proteins are involved. One is a glycosidase that releases sulforaphane, and the other is a sulfur binding protein. This sulfur binding protein inactivates the sulforaphane that has just been released. The ideal state is: to maintain the activity of the enzyme, but to eliminate the sulfur binding protein, so that it can not destroy the anticancer substances. It is found that sulfur binding proteins are more heat sensitive than enzymes. After the experiment, as long as the green cauliflower is heated to 60 degrees, it is very ideal. At this temperature, the sulfur binding protein has been inactivated, but the enzyme remains active, which can maximize the anticancer activity of cauliflower.

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