The benefits of drinking milk before drinking

nowadays, people are working hard in their careers. With endless parties every day, wine is always indispensable. Wine is like money. The more you drink, the more excited everyone is. But if we drink like this day and night, our health will only get worse and worse. So how can we continue to drink for work without harming our bodies? Today, let’s talk about how drinking milk can protect our body.

drinking milk before drinking is to protect the stomach by using the fat in food which is not easy to digest, in order to prevent alcohol from penetrating into the stomach wall and entering the blood.

as we all know, it is easier to get drunk when you are hungry than when you are full. If there is food in the stomach, the wine can be well diluted, and the amount absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract will be less; If you are hungry, the alcohol you drink will accumulate in your stomach and absorb quickly, the alcohol concentration in your blood will rise quickly, and the drunkenness will come quickly. Knowing this simple principle, it’s easy to understand what you should do before drinking. Drinking a cup of thick milk before serving can be pre stored in your stomach to dilute the alcohol, It can also form a good protective film in the stomach. Of course, there is a certain reason for some people to take an inosine tablet in order to protect liver function, because inosine tablets can promote liver metabolism, and alcohol is metabolized and decomposed by the liver. There is another saying that vitamin B1 can promote alcohol metabolism, so you can consider taking one before drinking.

warm tips, drinking milk before drinking is good for our health, but it does not mean that drinking milk after getting drunk is the right way to solve the problem! The body is the capital of the revolution. Don’t bring down our really important body just because of the little interests in front of us. What’s the use of leaving only one sick body? So in order to make more money in the future, we should learn to protect our body and not let ourselves fall too soon, because we still have so many great ambitions.

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