The benefits of soaking feet with vinegar

vinegar is a condiment that we can’t lack in our daily life. In fact, it has many functions that we don’t know. Many people should like to wash their faces with vinegar. The whitening effect is very good, and the white vinegar can prevent colds. Do you soak feet with vinegar? In fact, there are many benefits of soaking feet with vinegar, It can reduce the pressure of a day’s work and moisten the skin.

strengthen the body

traditional Chinese medicine believes that foot is the root of human beings, and there are as many as 75 reflex areas with important therapeutic value. Often soaking feet with vinegar can regulate meridians, promote the movement of Qi and blood, and help to balance yin and Yang. Long term persistence with vinegar feet, not only can improve the quality of sleep, for the body’s strong and resistance to enhance the role of oh.


feet often soaked with vinegar, can coordinate the excitement of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, play the role of regulation and relaxation of the originally tense nerves. Especially for white-collar workers who work hard in the daytime, they often soak their feet with vinegar, which can not only relieve the foot muscles of wearing high-heeled shoes, but also reduce the pressure on the body.

to promote blood circulation

cold hands and feet in winter are mostly caused by the body’s blood gas circulation. Using vinegar to soak feet can accelerate the blood circulation of the human body, improve the body’s hypoxia caused by long-term immobility or fatigue, strengthen metabolism, and improve the cold hands and feet.

improve beriberi

many people have beriberi, that is, friends of Xianggang feet will be very upset, feet will not only itch, peeling, but also smell, which are the consequences of fungal infection. Therefore, soaking feet with vinegar can sterilize and clean feet, but try to ensure that feet are not damaged. Soaking feet with vinegar can improve beriberi.

moisturizes the skin

many mm feet will be dry and cracked in winter. At this time, you might as well try to soak the feet with vinegar for one week. You will find that not only the feet skin becomes smooth, but also the skin of the body and face becomes more glossy and moist.

the benefits of soaking feet with vinegar should be understood. We still don’t know that there are so many benefits in soaking feet with vinegar. Therefore, from today on, we should have the awareness of using vinegar to soak feet, especially after a hard day, we should relax.

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