The best food for five zang organs is recommended to grasp the appropriate five zang organs conditioning time

heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney, which we often mention. The health of these five organs is directly related to our health. For us, if we want to protect the five zang organs, we must first understand which foods the five zang organs like best. The five zang organs are very important organs for us. So which foods do our five zang organs like best? Let’s get to know it with you.

What are the heart’s favorite foods? Longan: longan is a good food for the heart. It can maintain the heart and spleen, regulate qi and blood, and calm the mind. It is mainly for those people who often have palpitations due to insufficient blood supply to the heart.

2, kumquat: Although kumquat is a kind of fruit, it is also a traditional Chinese medicine. In the eyes of doctors, kumquat can regulate qi, relieve depression and resolve phlegm. Especially for heart palpitations caused by cardiovascular disease, it has a good curative effect.

3, Auricularia auricula: Auricularia auricula is known as a natural anticoagulant, the biggest role of this material is to prevent arteriosclerosis.

What are the liver’s favorite foods?

1, mung bean: mung bean can detoxify hundreds of poisons, and the effect of detoxifying liver is the best. Why? Because it is rich in lysine and lysine, it is very effective for removing liver fire.

2, mushroom: in the fungus food, the mushroom has & lt; Queen & quot; It’s called “the best of the best”. In addition to its rich nutrition, it also has a good protective effect on the liver.

3, animal liver: eat animal liver, is what we often say to form complement. In addition, the animal liver itself contains nutrients that our human liver needs.

What is spleen’s favorite food?

1, glutinous rice: belongs to the warm food, has the very strong Jianpi Yiqi function. For patients with spleen deficiency, often eat glutinous rice porridge, has a good therapeutic effect.

2, sweet potato: sweet potato is a good defecation food, at the same time, it also has the effect of tonifying spleen and Qi. If you have a bad spleen and stomach, eat more sweet potatoes.

3, Japonica Rice: it is also the rice we eat every day. It belongs to warm food and tastes sweet. It has a strong influence on the spleen and stomach. What are the favorite foods of the lung?

1, tremella: Tremella is a very moist food, can clear away heat and nourish yin, in addition, it can also treat lung dryness, is a good food for the lung.

2, Lily: like tremella, they are all heat clearing food. In addition to regulating lung dryness, lily also has good therapeutic effect on tuberculosis and other diseases.

3, radish: here refers to white radish, radish cold, for lung heat has a good conditioning effect.

What are your favorite foods?

1, chestnuts: when it comes to chestnuts, everyone is familiar with it. It has always been a good kidney tonic.

2, yam: it is a kind of food with the same origin of medicine and food, which is the top grade medicine in the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine. It is a good tonic for kidney deficiency patients.

3, Perch: perch, also known as Lateolabrax japonicus, has a protective effect on the kidney.

these foods are our favorite food of the five zang organs. For the health of the five zang organs, eat more quickly.

Conditioning time

1, 9-11 PM for the immune system (lymph) detoxification time, this time should be quiet or listen to music.

2, 11 p.m. – 1 a.m., liver detoxification, need to be carried out in deep sleep.

3:00, 1-3:00 in the morning, the same is true for gallbladder detoxification.

4, 3-5 am, lung detoxification. This is why people who cough most acutely during this period of time, because the detoxification action has gone to the lung; Do not use cough medicine, so as not to inhibit the elimination of waste products.

five, 5-7 o’clock, large intestine detoxification, should go to the toilet to defecate.

six, 7-9 o’clock, small intestine absorb a lot of nutrition period, should eat breakfast. It’s better for the patients to eat early before 6:30, and for the health preserving people before 7:30. Those who don’t eat breakfast should change their habits, even if they wait until 9 or 10 o’clock to eat, it’s better than not eating.

seven, midnight to 4 am for spinal hematopoiesis period, must sleep, should not stay up late.

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