The best food in winter: walnut

Winter best food: walnut

, winter best food:

1, walnut:

, prevent dry and chapped skin. Winter prone to dry skin, itching or chapped. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as walnuts, help prevent dry skin from the inside out. These fatty acids can keep skin healthy. In addition, salmon, flaxseed, olive oil and tuna are also good for skin health.

2, garlic:

to prevent cold. Winter is the most common cold season. A new study involving 164 healthy adults in the UK over a 12 week period found that 24 and 64 cases of colds occurred in the garlic supplement and placebo groups, respectively. The reason is that allicin in garlic can stimulate the growth of white blood cells and enhance the anti-inflammatory ability of human body. Carrots, yogurt, oysters and other foods also have a certain effect in preventing colds.

3, oatmeal:

to prevent winter depression. It is easy to lead to depression in winter due to less sunlight exposure and lower serotonin level. A study by Massachusetts Institute of technology found that whole grains such as oatmeal can help maintain the body’s serotonin level and prevent depression. In addition, brown rice and fruit also help to improve mood.

4, chicken soup:

help relieve nasal congestion. Blocked nose and poor breathing are the most common troubles in winter. Hot drinks such as chicken soup can make breathing more comfortable and help relieve the discomfort of cold. A study by the University of Nebraska found that drinking chicken soup can also relieve inflammation of the nose and throat. Adding vegetables to chicken soup can help to get more dietary fiber. Other foods that make breathing smooth include fish soup, hot tea, etc.

5, zucchini:

to prevent obesity. When it’s cold, people tend to overeat. Bastille university research found that more dietary fiber intake can help prevent the body from getting fat. Zucchini and other foods rich in dietary fiber are relatively low in calories, slow in digestion and long in satiety, which can prevent excessive diet in winter. Zucchini also contains carotene, which is beneficial to fight cancer, heart disease and other diseases. In addition, vegetables, whole grains and beans also help to lose weight.

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