The best geomantic ornament Zhaocai cat’s left-hand and right-hand functions are quite different

speaking of Zhaocai cat, I believe you are not unfamiliar with it. Although it originated in Japan, it has a wide spread in China. Zhaocai cat is usually made of ceramic, usually white, with one hand raised to the top of the head to make a gesture. Generally speaking, raising the left hand means calling for fortune, while raising the right hand means calling for fortune. Raising both hands at the same time means & lt; Wealth & quot; And & lt; Happiness & quot; The meaning of coming together.

The best geomantic Ornament: the function of the cat’s left hand and right hand is quite different

. The cat’s meaning is similar to that of the Chinese geomantic mascots. They are both used to promote the prosperity of wealth. They are generally used for shop furnishings. They are the sharp tools for businessmen to attract wealth. In Japan, people think that cats are cute, smart and agile, mysterious and psychic. In addition, cats can protect food from rodents. They are especially caring for their families. With the popularity of raising cats, there are many far fetched stories about cats. They make their images into auspicious accessories and become the incarnation of keeping money.

there are two kinds of cat: male cat and female cat. The male cat raises his right hand, which symbolizes wealth and fortune; The female cat raises her left hand, which symbolizes a good relationship and thousands of visitors. In Japan, most stores display female cats, because the Japanese believe that as long as there is a crowd. The implication of Zhaocai cat is not only that it is divided by the right hand and the left hand, but also that it is divided by the regiment. The golden bell hanging on the chest of Zhaocai cat also has the meaning of fortune, fortune, fortune and origin. In addition, the design of treasure boat symbolizes wealth, eggplant symbolizes the realization of wishes and ideals, Mount Fuji symbolizes wealth and fame, turtle and crane symbolize longevity, pine and bamboo plum symbolize auspiciousness, flowers of four seasons symbolize wealth, cherry blossom symbolizes love and smooth career, and fish symbolizes surplus every year.

more than 400 years of development and evolution, Zhaocai cat is no longer limited to a fixed look and action, color also began to diversify, different sizes, and various types of modeling. In addition to the function of body division, it can also be distinguished by color. Different colors have different meanings. White is the most common, representing fortune, gold on behalf of prosperity, red on behalf of no disease, green on behalf of the title, yellow on behalf of marriage, black on behalf of avoiding evil, blue on behalf of success, pink on behalf of love, purple on behalf of beauty and health.

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