The best recipe for relieving alcohol and burping is

. It is almost difficult to avoid these common small problems. But if you don’t cure a small problem, it will affect your health and your mood. If we can master some diet skills, we can avoid going to the hospital and easily solve these headache problems. Here are 14 kinds of food to deal with these common small problems. If you are often troubled by small problems, it is necessary for you to collect this article.

1. Detoxification of tomato

drinking is harmful, and drunkenness is even more harmful. And it’s also disrespectful. Vomiting after intoxication is not only very uncomfortable, but also causes a large loss of potassium, calcium, sodium and other elements in the body. After intoxication and vomiting, we must supplement potassium, calcium, sodium and other nutrients in time. After drunk and vomiting, you can drink some tomato juice to relieve the uncomfortable feeling, because the rich potassium, calcium and sodium components in tomato juice just supplement the lack of lost elements in the body. 22 333 000 1 14 44 5552. Burping sugar 66 6777 22 333 000 1 1 1 burping is also a small problem that is uncomfortable and out of shape. For example, there are many folk remedies for hiccups. The most popular and effective method is to scare people when they are surprised. But if so, it still can’t relieve the symptoms of hiccups. There is no way to solve this kind of problem by taking medicine. It’s best to try to put a spoonful of sugar under the tongue. Sugar stimulates the nerves at the back of the throat, and once the nerves are stimulated, it interrupts nerve signals in the body, including the one that causes hiccups.

3. Almond benefits brain

as we all know, almond is rich in nutritional value. It is rich in vitamin E, which can effectively delay the aging of the brain caused by age. But you can’t eat more almonds, usually two ounces a day is enough. Some scientists also believe that there are psychological reasons why almond chocolate is good for the brain. Because when you feel anxious, depressed or in a bad mood, eating a few almonds is undoubtedly a little favor and reward for yourself, and your mood will gradually improve.

4. Vegetables benefit eyes

the nutritional value of green vegetables is very high, which not only meets the needs of human body, but also benefits eyes. We should know that in the polluted urban air environment, as long as the eyes are open, they may be infected at any time. Eating green vegetables can supplement enough antioxidants, so it can protect the health of the eyes and protect the eyes from the outside world. Every day at the table to add a green vegetables, such as celery, cucumber and so on are very good for health.

5. Treating asthma with fish

asthma patients should pay more attention to their diet. To eat some warm, light, soft food, you can eat less and more meals, avoid other food taboo, so as not to lose the proper nutritional balance. On this basis, we should eat more fish. Eating fish can moisten and invigorate the lung, thus relieving the symptoms of asthma. Because fish is rich in magnesium, the doctor’s advice for patients with severe asthma is to eat at least one meal of fish or other seafood in three meals a day. In addition, spinach has the same effect. Toothache drink more tea

tea is very helpful to people’s health, the latest scientific research found that tea has the effect of protecting teeth. Because tea is rich in fluorine and tea polyphenols, it can achieve the effect of preventing caries and fixing teeth. Therefore, you can drink tea or gargle with tea after eating or eating every day, which can not only maintain oral hygiene, but also protect teeth. Moreover, the sugar, pectin and other components in tea react with saliva to moisten the oral cavity and enhance the self-cleaning ability of the oral cavity. Grapefruit relieves tooth bleeding.

teeth have a good appetite, and gingival inflammation is one of the most troublesome things. However, once you encounter this situation, you don’t have to worry, because gingival inflammation is actually caused by the lack of vitamin C in the body. At this time, you can eat some grapefruit, lemon, kiwi fruit and other fruits rich in vitamin C. Grapefruit’s effect is immediate, so it’s best to develop the habit of eating one grapefruit every day, which will help you solve the problem of gingival inflammation.

8. Drink plenty of water when you have breath

bad breath is a physical problem, but it will lead to social problems. For people who often need social intercourse, bad breath is the biggest taboo. In fact, traditional Chinese medicine believes that halitosis has a lot to do with stomach fire. Therefore, in addition to brushing your teeth every morning and evening, you should also pay attention to your gastrointestinal health. Another is to drink as much water as possible every day. Another reason for bad breath is that there is a substance called sulfur in the mouth. Use water to make it disappear as soon as possible, and drink more water every day.

9. Banana supplement

excessive exercise can cause muscle soreness, fatigue and water shortage. In the process of exercise, the body will excrete a lot of sweat, many minerals are also excreted with sweat, especially potassium and sodium. It is easy to get supplement from food, but the content of potassium in the body is less, so it is necessary to supplement food rich in potassium after exercise. Banana is rich in potassium, which is the best choice to supplement potassium. So don’t forget to bring yourself a banana or two next time you go to fitness or do a lot of exercise.

10. Beef for hair loss

beef is actually very nutritious meat. You must be surprised that eating beef can cure baldness. Scientific research has proved that beef does have this effect. If you don’t want to lose your beautiful hair at a young age, don’t forget to eat lean beef every time you eat. People who often eat lean beef, even if they can’t fully promise to solve the problem of hair loss, can at least delay the day. Don’t refuse because you’re afraid of getting fat!

11. Infertility eat coarse cereals

some female friends have been in the anxiety of infertility, in fact, infertility may not only be the problem of the woman, but also reading books, not the problem of the man. For example, folic acid, a vitamin a woman must take before becoming a mother, is good for the health of the baby’s nervous system. In fact, men also need folic acid supplement, because the low sperm content of men is also related to the lack of folic acid in the body, because folic acid can help the synthesis of DNA. In fact, the way to supplement folic acid is very simple, that is, eat more coarse grains. Because the folic acid content in grains is very high. Therefore, for couples who want to be parents, folic acid supplement is their job. They can cook a pot of healthy coarse cereals and eat them together.

12. The skin is blue and purple. Eat broccoli

. Some people’s skin will become blue and purple after a small collision and injury, especially for women with white skin. This kind of situation affects the appearance very much. In fact, this is due to the lack of vitamin K in the body. The best way to supplement vitamin K is to eat more cauliflower. According to the survey, eating cauliflower several times a week will thicken and strengthen the blood vessel wall, and it is not easy to rupture!

13. Garlic for common cold

garlic is a kind of food with good germicidal efficacy in nature. When you start to feel sick in your throat and your nose starts to run out of control, it’s a sign of a cold. In order not to let the cold virus attack your body on a large scale, eat some garlic. It will help you nip a virus in its cradle that doesn’t have a complete attack. Because garlic is rich in antiviral ingredients, will enhance the body’s immunity. So, in the season, eating more garlic will help you cope with the cold. Apple juice relieves heart disease. In fact, apple is the best “word-of-mouth” trump fruit among all fruits, and it is suitable for people of different ages and physiques. What’s more, apple juice can reduce the incidence of heart disease. Drinking more apple juice can make the body’s bad cholesterol block blood vessels later than normal, which also means that the risk of heart disease is lower.

the charm of food lies not only in its stimulation to taste buds, but also in the different effects of different foods. Speaking of which, are the eaters excited again?

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