The best time table for drinking tea is

The best time to drink tea is

. The best time to drink tea is


experts suggest that people drink three cups of tea a day is the most appropriate. The first cup is morning tea, suitable for 9:00 to 10:00 after breakfast, can play a refreshing, detoxification, anti fatigue role, is the most important of the three cups of tea. The best choice for morning tea is scented tea. After secondary processing, scented tea is mixed with the strong flavor of fresh flowers and the fragrance of new tea, which can wake up the mind with fragrance and enhance the spirit of the day. But it should be noted that people with insomnia are not suitable for drinking scented tea, otherwise it will cause more serious sleep disorders, and people with allergic constitution should not drink scented tea. Scented tea is suitable to be brewed in a covered bowl porcelain cup. It does not emphasize the appreciation of tea, but the taste of fragrance. You can use the newly opened water to brew. After a while, you can open the cup and smell the refreshing fragrance of scented tea.

a cup of green tea at 1 p.m.

the second cup is afternoon tea. It’s best to drink it from 1:00 to 3:00 after lunch or afternoon nap. Afternoon tea can be appropriate thick, can reduce blood lipids, protect blood vessels. Jiang Yongwen said that green tea has antioxidant, free radical scavenging, antiviral and other health functions, mainly because of the polyphenols in tea. Therefore, green tea is suitable for brewing and drinking. If the brewing temperature is too high or the brewing time is too long, the polyphenols will be destroyed. Generally speaking, the brewing temperature of green tea should be 85 ℃ and the water can be boiled at the beginning. The best brewing time is 2-3 minutes. The proportion of green tea and water should be appropriate, with 1:50 as the appropriate, commonly used 150 ml of water for 3 g of tea, brewing out of green tea soup moderate. In terms of tea sets, you can choose porcelain cups or transparent glasses.

a cup of black tea at 6 p.m. Drink more green tea in spring and summer. Besides time, tea is also about season. Experts suggest that green tea is the most suitable season to drink in spring and summer, and Xinyang Maojian and Biluochun are suitable to drink in spring. Both green tea have germinal effect and can relieve spring sleepiness; Drinking green tea in summer can clear away heat, detoxify and reduce blood lipid. In addition, people with hot constitution should also drink more green tea, because green tea is cool. It should be noted that green tea is not suitable to drink on an empty stomach. Its rich tea polyphenols have astringent effect and can stimulate the intestines and stomach. This kind of stimulation is stronger on an empty stomach.

autumn is the best time to drink green tea. Green tea, namely oolong tea, is represented by Tieguanyin and frozen top oolong. Jiang Yongwen told reporters that oolong tea is between green tea and black tea. It is mild in nature and not cold or warm. It is very suitable for drinking in autumn. It can excite nerves and refresh people. When making oolong tea, you should put more tea, usually 10 grams, about half of the volume of the purple clay pot. Boiling water is suitable for brewing. Oolong tea can be brewed 5-6 times, the time can be from short to long, 2-5 minutes is appropriate.

black tea is the most suitable for drinking in winter. Black tea, especially ripe Pu’er tea, is mild and suitable for drinking in winter. Experts say that in winter, the cold is heavy, and it is the season when Yang is closed. Cooked Pu’er can produce heat and warm the stomach. In addition, Pu’er tea can also control body weight. Using low calorie Pu’er tea instead of daily sweet drinks can control caloric intake. Black tea can be brewed in a small tea bowl or purple clay pot. It must be brewed with boiling water to make its nutrients fully dissolved. For the first time to brew black tea, it takes 10 seconds to quickly wash the tea, that is, first put the tea into the cup, pour in the boiling water, after a while, pour out the water, then pour in the boiling water, and cover the cup. This not only filters out the impurities of tea, but also makes it more mellow.

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