The best time to eat fruit taboo of eating fruit

many people have a great misunderstanding in the time of eating fruit: they regard fruit as a dessert after meals. In fact, the pectin in fruits can absorb water and increase the moisture level of food in the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, eating fruits after meals will increase the burden on the stomach. So, when is the best time to eat fruit?

1 The best time to eat fruit in a day

fruit is not only bright in color, but also refreshing to eat. It can be said that it has all kinds of color, fragrance and flavor. Therefore, children, middle-aged and old people like to eat fruit. Fruit contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, crude fiber, protein, fat and other nutrients necessary for the human body. Eating fruit is not only delicious, but also can promote health, so as to achieve the purpose of disease prevention and control, but the time to eat fruit should be correct.

nutrition experts have a saying that & lt; Fruit in the morning is gold, silver from noon to 3pm, copper from 3pm to 6pm, and lead after 6pm;. The best time to eat fresh fruit is in the morning. Eating fruit in the morning can help digestion and absorption, and it is conducive to defecation. Moreover, the sour and sweet taste of fruit can make people feel refreshed, which is conducive to a good mood of the day. On the contrary, eating fruits before going to sleep is not conducive to digestion, especially fruits with high fiber content, which is harmful to the health of people with poor gastrointestinal function. Cool melons should be controlled before going to sleep.

In the hot summer, many people like to eat fruits, which can not only supplement nutrition, but also relieve heat and thirst. But do you know what taboos there are in eating fruits in summer?

eat only fruits, be careful to suffer from high blood sugar or high blood lipid diseases easily obtained by fat people. Because the fruit itself is rich in sugar, if you eat too much sugar food, and less exercise, there will be high blood sugar or blood lipids. In this regard, obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and fatty liver patients, as well as MM who only eat fruit diet, and pregnant women should pay special attention.

Nowadays, more and more families buy Juicers and feel that drinking fresh fruit juice is delicious and convenient. However, nutrition experts remind that in addition to people with bad teeth, it’s better not to drink fruit juice. It’s more nutritious to eat fruit directly& nbsp; Because drinking fruit juice can reduce people’s intake of the cellulose rich in fruit. These cellulose can prevent and reduce diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other health functions, but also effectively stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis and promote defecation.

In addition, eating fruit directly is easy to produce a sense of satiety, and drinking fruit juice will unconsciously absorb too much calories and sugar, increasing the risk of disease.

fruits are the main source of vitamin C. vitamin C is easily oxidized in the air. High temperature and sunlight will cause the loss of vitamin C. The nutrient content of pre peeled and cut fruits may be reduced. The British Consumer Association conducted a study to test the vitamin C content of prepackaged cut fruits and vegetables sold in supermarkets, and found that the vitamin C content of four of the 13 samples was half lower than that recorded in reference books.

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