The best way to eat ginseng is

Ginseng can keep healthy the best way to eat ginseng

ginseng can keep healthy

winter tonic health, ginseng is in charge. Ginseng is mild in nature, sweet in taste and bitter in taste. It can return to spleen, lung and heart meridians. It has the functions of invigorating vital energy, restoring pulse and removing blood, replenishing intelligence and calming nerves, and delaying aging. But different ginseng, in the nature and role of differences and different indications, eat right to health.

wild ginseng can tonify both yin and Yang, with the best effect; Red ginseng is warm, white ginseng or sugar ginseng is mild, while American ginseng is cool. Korean ginseng, Jilin red ginseng and Japanese red ginseng are generally suitable for the elderly with high body deficiency and insufficient Yang Qi. They usually have symptoms such as pale complexion, tepid limbs, weak waist and knees, wheezing when they move. They are also suitable for patients with metrorrhagia or postpartum hemorrhage. Tangshen and baishen are suitable for patients with Qi deficiency and fatigue, short voice and lazy speech, sweating when moving, or poor digestion and absorption function of spleen and stomach. Panax quinquefolium is more suitable for people with dry throat and mouth, heat damage Yin and heat consumption damage Qi Yin than in summer. The best way to eat ginseng

: put 5-8 ginseng slices into a small bowl, add appropriate amount of water, steam in a pot with cold water for 0.5-1 hour, add appropriate amount of honey with dregs.

chew and moisten:

use 1-2 ginseng tablets each time, put them into the mouth and slowly chew and moisten.

Decoction drinking:

cut ginseng into tablets, wash them and put them into a sand jar, add water (2 cm higher than ginseng tablets) to soak for 0.5-1 hour, cover them and fry them in low heat for 1-1.5 hours, then drink the juice.


grind ginseng into powder, put it into capsule, 1.5-2g each time, or take it with boiled water.

tea drinking service:

take 5-8 ginseng tablets, put them in a cup, pour in boiling water, cover them for 5-10 minutes, then take the place of tea drinking service. Can even bubble many times, wait for soup taste shallow, can even soup with residue together.

dip wine drink:

take 10-20 grams of pruning ginseng, immerse in 500 ml Baijiu, seal, shake the container once a day, take it after two weeks. About 10 ml each time.

it is worth reminding that when taking ginseng, do not eat radish, mung bean or drink tea, so as not to affect tonic. In case of cold, fever and other diseases, or side effects such as abdominal distension and poor appetite due to improper use, the use should be suspended, and radish and mung beans can be stewed to relieve symptoms.

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