The best way to relieve alcohol is

. In real life, some people have to drink every day. After drinking, it will have a great impact on people’s health. When they just finish drinking, they will feel uncomfortable. At this time, scientific relieving alcohol is a way to reduce the harm of alcohol, At the same time, we also know that there are many ways to relieve alcohol in daily life, so for those who have already drunk, how to relieve alcohol best?

eating vegetables, drinking fruit juice, sleeping, it can be said that there are too many ways to relieve alcohol in life, and each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, so for us in real life, how to choose the corresponding method? Chinese cabbage sobering up method: Cut Chinese cabbage heart into filaments, add sugar and vinegar to mix well, and take it as cold dish, which has a certain effect on eliminating drunkenness.

2. White radish, 1 kg white radish, mashed into mud, take juice, once. You can also add brown sugar in the white radish juice to drink. You can also eat raw radish, which has the effect of sobering up.

3. Liquefy the sweet potato. Grind the raw sweet potato, add white sugar and stir it. Chinese cabbage: wash Chinese cabbage, cut it into shreds, add some vinegar and sugar, mix it well, marinate it for 10 minutes, then eat it. It is cool, sour and sweet.

5. Celery sobering method: squeeze the juice of celery to drink, which can sober up, especially eliminate the headache, brain swelling, facial flushing and other symptoms after drunk.

6. The fresh lotus root should be dealcoholized, washed, mashed into lotus root mud, and drunk with juice. It has a certain effect on eliminating the symptoms of drunkenness.

7. Water chestnut: take 10 water chestnut (water chestnut), wash them, pound them into mud, wrap them with gauze and press them out to drink. This method is suitable for those intoxicated by strong liquor such as sorghum liquor.

2. Fruit Jiejiu

1. Fresh orange Jiejiu fresh orange (fresh orange can also be) 3 ~ 5, juice drink service, or food service.

2. The method of sobering up the wine: after drinking, take a few fresh fruits, peel and eat, you can sober up.

3. Pear sobering method: eat a few pears or peel and slice pears, immerse them in cold boiled water for 10 minutes, eat pears and drink.

4. Drink and take raw pear or squeeze pear juice. For those who are drunk with tincture, if the above methods still can’t make them sober, you can use a clean chicken feather to gently rub their throat or pinch their throat to make them vomit the liquor left in their stomach, which can relieve the drunkenness. If there is no effect, seek medical advice.

5. Carambola sobering method: 1 carambola pickled with vinegar, fried with water, can be used to sober up.

6. One sugarcane for alcohol detoxification, peeled and juiced.

7. Olive (green fruit) 10 pieces of Jiejiu olive, take the meat to fry. Mung bean sobering up method: take 50 grams of mung bean, 10 grams of licorice, add the right amount of brown sugar decocting, can sober up. If only with mung bean soup, also has certain effect.

2. Mung bean to relieve alcohol, mung bean appropriate amount, wash with warm water, pound column, take with boiling water or boiled soup.

3. Mung bean, red adzuki bean, black bean, 50 grams of each, add 15 grams of licorice, boiled, beans, soup taken together, can refresh and relieve alcoholism.

4. Beans: mung beans, red beans, black beans 50 grams each, add licorice 15 grams, boiled, beans, soup taken together, can refresh and relieve alcoholism.

5. Tofu dishes should be used as drinking dishes when drinking. Because the cysteine in bean curd is a major amino acid, it can detoxify acetaldehyde poison and make it excrete quickly after eating.

6. Preserved egg sobering method: when drunk, take 1-2 preserved eggs and dip them in vinegar to sober up.

7. Sweet potato sobering method: after getting drunk, you can cut the raw sweet potato into thin pieces and mix it with white sugar to take it. Then you can get rid of alcohol

8. Salt sobering: if you drink too much, you can add a little salt in the boiled water. Salt water has a good effect on relieving chest distress.

9. Ginger antidote: for those who have nausea and vomiting after drunk, take a small piece of ginger in the mouth to stop vomiting.

10 jellyfish sobering method: take 100 grams of fresh jellyfish, wash clean, add water to fry soup, drink, you can sober up.

11. Decocting raw egg white, fresh milk and frosted persimmon can quench thirst, clear away heat and relieve drunkenness.

12. Egg white sobering method: when drunk, take 1-2 raw egg white to protect gastric mucosa and alleviate the absorption of alcohol.

and above are some common ways to relieve alcohol in life. These methods are very effective, but one common feature is that they can temporarily relieve alcohol. There is no way to solve the harm of alcohol to human body. Therefore, in daily life, we should try to drink less for our own health, so as to better promote our health.

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