The best way to save money for family:

Tips for saving money at home: medical absorbent cotton

tips for saving money at home

1, a bottle of medical 75 degree alcohol is always available at home (big bottle of alcohol bought in big drugstore is 2 times cheaper than that in supermarket drugstore), packed in an empty spray bottle. Computer keyboard, screen dirty, spray, gently wipe, clean and disinfection. At home, doorknobs, garbage cans, chopping boards, light switches, mobile phones and invisible glasses boxes are often sprayed. There are many invisible bacteria in these places. The inside of shoes is often sprayed for sterilization. The alcohol volatilizes quickly. Don’t worry about the humidity, but don’t spray the paint on the outside.

2, go out to play or travel, buy some absorbent cotton in a big drugstore, cut it into small balls, soak it with alcohol, and put it into an empty medicine bottle for easy carrying. When eating, take out a small ball to wipe your hands, and wipe the teacup in a small restaurant, which is cleaner than washing with water. The inside of microwave oven, refrigerator, oven and electric rice cooker is dirty. Take a small alcohol ball to wipe it. It’s more environmentally friendly than using detergent, and it doesn’t need to be watered.

3. People who are addicted to cleanliness think that squatting toilets are hygienic, but squatting toilets are easy to cause anal prolapse and hemorrhoids, and the elderly are also easy to slide and numb their legs. Put a small bottle next to the sitting toilet. Spray it with alcohol. It’s safe every time.

4, medical absorbent cotton can also be cut into small pieces when cotton, very easy to use.

5. The medical gauze in the drugstore is also very good. If I buy it with IC card and cut it into small pieces, it’s better than the facial gauze in the beauty shop. It’s cheap and hygienic. I don’t like to use towels. It’s easy to breed bacteria. I throw away the gauze in a few days.

6, home standing & lt; 84 disinfectant;, You don’t have to buy the famous brand. The cheapest one is good. At the end of each month, add a pot & lt; 84 disinfectant;, First soak the toothbrush at home (scientists say the toothbrush should be changed in March for the sake of hygiene), then take out the toothbrush and soak the chopsticks (scientists say the chopsticks should also be changed in March) Then take out the chopsticks to soak the sponge in the kitchen. The sponge of good quality costs more than three yuan, but it will stink soon. After soaking, it will look brand new. Then take out the sponge sponge rag. Then pour the water into the mop bucket to soak the mop. When the mop has soaked enough, pour the water into the trash can, bubble the trash can. Strive to spend 1 yuan to disinfect everything that can be disinfected at home= Women’s powder puffs are best disinfected from time to time. There are many drops of oil and bacteria on their faces.

7. Alcohol can also wash off the round bead handwriting on clothes, but if it is color clothes, dilute the alcohol first, and then test whether it fades in the corner.

8. Expired skin care products (every girl has one or two skin care products that can’t be used up. It’s a pity to throw them away). They can be used to polish shoes, leather bags and leather sofas. The effect is very good. If the shoes are dirty, wipe them with facial cleanser first, and then use moisturizer.

0, thin clothes in summer and more expensive clothes, with laundry vacuole for 20 minutes, almost without how to rub, clean. Otherwise save a week to wash, sweat is easy to let the collar yellow. I also like to use liquid detergent to wash clean rags. I don’t need to wear gloves. Washing liquid is three times more expensive than the same weight of washing powder, but the amount is one third of that of washing powder, so it’s still cost-effective. In addition, the students of olfactory department will like laundry liquid, and the finished clothes are very fragrant.

10. For those who like DIY car washing, neutral detergent doesn’t hurt the paint.

11. Washing machine is easy to cause cross infection of clothes. In fact, no matter washing liquid, soap or powder, they all have strong bactericidal effect. As long as they are soaked for 30 minutes, they can kill 99.9% of the bacteria on the clothes, and you don’t need to buy expensive drops. But do not soak for more than 2 hours, otherwise the clothes are easy to deform, and the washing powder will remain inside the clothes and stimulate the skin.

12. Use floor cleaner when cleaning furniture. The furniture is very bright after cleaning. It also has protective effect on wooden and rattan furniture.

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