The best way to save water, electricity and money is

Tips for saving water, electricity and money in life:

tips for saving water, electricity and money in life:

tips for saving water:

when taking a bath, use more shower, use less or don’t use bath, don’t open too much water when taking a shower, turn off the water when scrubbing, applying body lotion and shampoo. When taking a shower, we should seize the time and make a quick decision. Don’t fill the bath too much. When using the washing machine, on the premise of washing clothes, try to choose low washing water level to reduce the number of times of washing. Do not put too much detergent powder, too much foam when the concentration is too high, the decontamination effect is not good, and increased the number of rinsing.

when washing clothes by hand, wring the clothes as much as possible after each rinsing, and then put in clean water. To use water-saving toilet, the old toilet with large flushing volume can put one or several coke bottles in the water tank, so that the flushing volume can be reduced.

rice washing water can be used to wash vegetables, not only to save water, but also to remove pesticides on the surface of vegetables. Vegetable washing water can water flowers and flush the toilet. Bath water and washing water can mop the floor and flush the toilet. Hot water after steaming or scalding vegetables can be used to wash dishes, which saves water and detergent.

money saving tips:

pay attention to discount, discount and promotion information. You can buy more things when they are cheap. It’s much cheaper to cook by yourself than to eat out. If you want to spend money in the right place, you can buy the environment when you invite your guests. If you want to get together with friends and relatives, you can choose a clean and affordable hotel. Use more discount cards and coupons. Some brands such as pizza hut have e-coupons, which can be easily downloaded from the Internet. There are many charging modes for

telephone. You should choose the one that suits you. If you can use QQ to call online, you can save a lot of telephone charges. Don’t buy impulsively. Don’t buy things you can’t use because they are cheap.

fuel saving tips:

fuel prices continue to rise, master the tips of fuel saving driving, you can save a lot of money over time. The most important thing is to choose an economical and low fuel consumption model. Preheating the engine in place will increase the wear and tear, and the preheating time is long, which costs fuel and is not good for the car. You can use a lower speed, drive at a constant speed, and warm the car while walking. The correct use of gear, try not to use low gear high speed, this will increase the wear of mechanical parts, but also a lot of oil. Don’t drive too fast. Don’t exceed 3 / 4 of the top speed. The air conditioner and window heating device on the car should be used as little as possible.

do not put unnecessary sundries in the rear compartment, so as not to increase the vehicle weight and fuel consumption. Don’t fill the tank too full to avoid oil overflow. The tank cap should be locked. Try to avoid frequent braking and keep enough distance from the car in front. Try not to open the windows as much as possible. Reducing the resistance can save fuel. Using good lubricating oil can reduce resistance, protect engine and reduce fuel consumption.

power saving coup:

choose energy saving lamp, energy saving lamp than ordinary incandescent lamp save more than half of the electricity. Clean the scale on the electric heating pipe in the electric kettle in time. When ironing clothes with electric iron, the clothes that need lower temperature should be ironed at the initial stage of power on; After the temperature rises, ironing the clothes that need higher temperature; After power failure, ironing clothes that need lower temperature.

when using the washing machine, soak the clothes first, and rub the particularly dirty places to reduce the washing time. When cooking with an electric cooker, cover the cooker with a towel to reduce heat loss. Don’t set the air temperature too low in summer, don’t set the temperature too high in winter, don’t open the doors and windows when using the air conditioner, and clean the filter screen every two or three weeks.

can blow electric fan but not air conditioner, can blow natural wind but not fan. Reduce the opening and closing times of the refrigerator door, shorten the opening time of each time, defrost the refrigerator regularly, turn the temperature controller to 1 in winter and 4 in summer. Don’t turn on the volume of the TV too much. If it’s too loud, it will waste electricity and disturb the neighbors. The electric water heater should not be kept in the heat preservation state all the time. It should be turned on half an hour to one hour before use and turned off immediately after use.

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