The buffet is healthy and happy

Eating buffet like this is healthy and happy. Eating buffet like this is healthy and happy. On the basis of health, we can find a way to eat back. To spend the same money to eat more delicious food, you have to follow the experts to do this:

. First, prepare

in the early stage.

the buffet is too cheap, it costs less, and the food will not be much better. It is suggested that you choose to eat the buffet with seafood and chef’s order. Not to mention whether you can eat back, but at least it can ensure that you eat more healthily, and spend the same money to eat much more than a single point outside.

price: it’s very important to visit the vegetable market and find out the price of food materials. Roughly understand the price of food materials, you can choose the more expensive ones from your favorite foods, so that you will have a higher chance of getting back the cost.

③ hungry belly: eat less at noon, don’t be too hungry.

in order to have a good meal, you can eat more before the buffet. But I want to remind you not to be hungry for too long. If you are hungry beyond that point, you will not eat much.

2. The order of eating is

. When you eat buffet, you should avoid eating and drinking. The result is that you have abdominal pain, abdominal distension, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms, which will cause great damage to the gastrointestinal tract. So what about eating back the book? For the sake of health, please eat the buffet in the following order:

(fruit): eat some watermelon and other fruits before eating, which will not occupy the stomach capacity, but also wake up your stomach. When eating meat dishes in the middle, you should also eat a few sour fruits to appetizer and relieve greasiness.

② vegetables: vegetables and fungi with low calorie, rich vitamins and high fiber content are not easy to be full.

③ fresh: after eating fruits and vegetables, take a rest, and turn your eyes to fresh. Choose fresh sashimi, oysters, shrimp and crab, pay attention to the freshness of the first, just the right amount, do not eat too much, so as not to increase the burden on the kidney.

(4) meat: as steak, lamb chop, chicken leg and roasted wings are high calorie, high protein and high fat foods, which are difficult to digest after intake, they should not account for too much of what you eat. Stop before you are greasy and control the calories.

⑤ salad: after eating meat, from a healthy point of view, you need a salad to relax. Salad available vegetables and fruits, salad dressing a little, slowly eat, digest for a while and then fight.

6 staple food: after the salad, it’s the staple food. Nouveau riche steamed rice make complaints about the cost of eating staple food, such as pasta. If you don’t, you will be free. But experts like to say “Tucao” is a real local tyrant.

(7) dessert: after eating the staple food, the buffet is almost at the end. At this time, you can dig one or two ice cream, eat one or two pieces of fruit to ease the feeling of fullness. After relief, maybe you can eat more.

(8) soup: usually after eating ice cream, your stomach will squeeze out a little space. At this time, you can get some soup to drink, such as chicken soup, ribs soup, and a small bowl. Then you can announce the end of the buffet. Keep away from carbonated drinks and desserts. Carbonated drinks and water (or fresh juice), small cakes and ice cream are recommended by experts to choose the latter for the sake of health and to reduce the burden later.

② do as you can, don’t eat too much. Eat self-help is always to enjoy the joy of a variety of food, we all take it easy, do not force everything ha. In the process of eating, try to avoid high calorie, indigestible food, such as fried, fried greasy meat.

③ fruit and water interpenetrate the whole process. Eating fruit and drinking water from the beginning to the end can help you digest while eating, and can also relieve the greasiness properly. Of course, everything is not excessive, each time to eat one or two pieces of fruit, drink one or two water can.

4. Walk more to relieve satiety. Don’t take too much every time, take more and eat less, which can give you more time to hoard combat effectiveness.

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