The calories of melon seeds

snacks I believe many people like to eat. For in numerous snacks, should say melon seed is one of the most popular snacks. Because for many people, melon seeds are not only delicious, but also nutritious. Naturally, they are one of the favorite leisure foods for many people. However, for many female friends who are worried about getting fat by eating snacks, the natural concern is how many calories are melon seeds?

for many people, the reason why melon seeds are welcomed by so many people is that melon seeds are delicious. However, modern people’s diet is no longer simply concerned about delicious food, but more about nutrition and health and many other aspects. Therefore, many people enjoy the delicious melon seeds at the same time, You always ask about the heat of melon seeds.

melon seeds have high nutrition, and the contents of vitamin, protein and oil are among the best. However, melon seeds are also a high calorie food. The caloric value of melon seeds is 597 kcal, protein is 23.9 g, vitamin E3 is 4.53 mg, fat is 49.9 g, magnesium is 264 mg. Such a high calorie food, once you eat too much, is very easy to gain weight. The caloric content of

melon seeds is higher than that of rice of equal weight. The caloric content of 100 g melon seeds (including sunflower seeds and watermelon seeds) is more than 570 kcal, which is higher than that of rice, pork, mutton, chicken and duck of equal weight. If you eat melon seeds without restriction, you will gain weight, which is not conducive to the control of blood glucose, blood pressure and blood lipid. Usually, you can’t eat more than 100 grams of melon seeds per day. If you want to eat other nuts, such as peanut and cashew nuts, the total amount should not exceed 100g. Eat melon seeds at the same time, drink some green tea, chrysanthemum tea, can alleviate the symptoms of fire.

the effect of eating melon seeds on weight loss

it is good to eat melon seeds after meals, because sunflower seeds and Western melon seeds are rich in fat, protein, zinc and other trace elements and vitamins, which can enhance digestive function. Eating melon seeds can activate the whole digestive system. The fragrance of melon seeds stimulates the taste buds on the tongue, which transmit this nerve impulse to the brain, and the brain reacts on the salivary glands and other digestive organs, making the secretion of saliva and gastric juice containing a variety of digestive enzymes relatively vigorous.

therefore, if pregnant women knock melon seeds before or after meals, the digestive juice will be continuously secreted, which is very beneficial for digestion and absorption. Therefore, eating melon seeds before meals can promote appetite, and eating melon seeds after meals can help digestion. If several kinds of melon seeds are mixed, the effect is better.

so for many people, the heat of melon seeds is still very large, so we should pay attention to it in the process of eating. Of course, eating melon seeds can help digestion and promote weight loss. So people who like to eat melon seeds can rest assured to eat, but we need to pay attention to that, don’t eat recklessly, so as not to cause the problem of getting angry and affect health.

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