The contents of the kitchen are easy to hide dirt. Nine tips to help you clean up the hygiene of the kitchen

the hygiene of the kitchen is inseparable from everyone’s health. Only a clean and hygienic kitchen can produce healthy and delicious food. If you want to keep the kitchen clean and fresh, you should do a good job of indoor ventilation. It’s very easy to hide dirt in the kitchen. We should do a good job in cleaning up the kitchen. It’s very difficult to clean up the oil in the kitchen. What should we do at ordinary times? Let’s take a look.

How to clean up the kitchen oil

coup 1: how to remove the stains inside the cup

this simple! A little toothpaste can be easily removed! Because the tiny particles in toothpaste help to rub dirt.

first squeeze out a little toothpaste, then apply the toothpaste on the cleaning cloth, and then scrub the stained area with the cleaning cloth. After a few minutes, rinse the cup with clean water, and the cup will be as bright as new.

coup 2: how to remove the odor of the sewer

first peel off the grapefruit skin, cut it into small pieces, put it into the pot, pour in water, boil it over high fire, take out the grapefruit skin, and pour the water into the sewer slowly while it is hot. This method can not only remove the odor of the sewer, but also remove the daily accumulation of oil on the inner wall of the sewer. In addition, you can use this method for grapefruit peel, orange peel and orange peel at home.

Coup 3: how to clean the surface of metal faucet

this is also relatively simple, home cooking to remove the potato skin can be easily done. Peel off the potato and wipe it on the side of the meat. It will shine again immediately.

tip 4: how to clean the gaps in the plastic frame

mix 84 disinfectant and clean water in a ratio of 1:200; Skin change & quot; Put the plastic products in and soak them for two hours. And then rinse it with clean water repeatedly, with good effect and no corrosive effect. The water soaked in the plastic frame can also be poured into the toilet, which can also play the role of cleaning the toilet.

trick 5: dilute hydrochloric acid to clean the floor tile seam

drop diluted hydrochloric acid on the tile seam, at this time hydrochloric acid will give out a lot of small bubbles. After a few seconds, gently brush along the brick seam with a brush, the dirt in the brick seam can be easily removed, and finally, rinse the floor with clean water.

Tips 6: clean chopping board and kitchen knife

fresh vegetables and raw meat may have bacteria and parasitic eggs, so chopping board will inevitably be polluted. Especially if it is used for a long time, it is easier to breed bacteria and produce peculiar smell. So what should we do?

household vinegar can effectively clean the odor chopping board. Mix two spoonfuls of vinegar with 200 ml of warm water, and then pour it on the chopping board which has been laid with paper towel for 15 minutes. The dirt on the chopping board will be easily removed, the odor will disappear, and it has a certain bactericidal effect.

kitchen knife rust, you can use potato chips or radish slices with a little sand scrub, rust can be removed.

coup 7: clean the bottom of the pot, pot cover

to remove the bottom of the pot adhesive, just need baking soda and plastic wrap!

1. Apply water and baking soda to the places with stains on the bottom of the pot;

2. Wrap the whole pot with plastic wrap and leave it overnight;

3, the next morning with a cleaning cloth, stains will all fall off automatically ~ the whole process is convenient and easy to operate.

Tip 8: clean the stove

when cooking or cooking, as long as you don’t pay attention, oil or soup will easily flow out and dirty the stove. To clean the oil dirt on the surface of the cooker, apply the hot soup left after cooking noodles on the surface. After a while, wipe it with a cloth, and then rinse it with water.

cooking utensils are usually cleaned after meals. When the cooking utensils are still warm, wipe them with wet cloth, soapy water or soda water. If you wait until the stove is completely cooled before wiping, oil, porridge spilled rice soup, etc. will be very difficult to wipe clean.

soak the cleaning cloth in beer for a while, and then wipe the stove with stubborn stains to make it as bright as new. In addition, use the leftover radish or cucumber chips, dip them in detergent, and then rinse them with clean water. The decontamination effect is also very good. The whole kitchen is bright and clean, leaving no dead space!

tip 9: clean the microwave oven

when using the microwave oven to heat dishes, the oil stains will inevitably splash on the inner wall of the microwave oven. If you use the detergent to clean, you will inevitably be afraid of residue! Try the lemon. Slice the lemon and put it in a microwave bowl. Add 4-5 tbsp vinegar and water. Put the bowl in the microwave oven and microwave for 5-10 minutes.

after taking out the bowl, you can easily wipe off the oil stains in the microwave oven with a clean wet cloth!

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