The correct cleaning of fruit is the first step to eat healthy fruit

how do we wash the most healthy fruit we usually eat! When we wash the fruit, we can choose to use salt iodized salt. After the skin of the fruit is soaked with water, put a little salt in it. Then the dirty things on the surface can be rubbed clean quickly, and then washed clean with water. In this way, we can eat safely. At the same time, the principle of this cleaning is to use the small particle state of salt, and enhance the friction, so the salt is also very clean. Following to understand how to wash fruit, both nutrition and health?

If you apply toothpaste on the surface of the fruit as a cleanser, so this method is also very good. In fact, it’s a good way to wash the fruit with hot water, because it’s easy to clean the preservatives on the apple skin. So the fruit washed out in this way can be safely eaten.

1. To remove the parasites in the red bayberry

first, wash the Red Bayberry and soak it in brine for 20-30 minutes before eating, because the brine can kill some bacteria. In addition, it can also help to remove the parasites hidden in the red bayberry pulp.

2. Grape cleaning method

we put the grape in water, and then put in two spoonfuls of flour or starch, but don’t rub it hard, just toss it back and forth, and then wash it back and forth in water, because flour and starch are sticky, and it will bring down those messy things.

and another method is to squeeze an appropriate amount of toothpaste into the heart of the hands, and rub the hands to make the toothpaste dip into the hands; Then gently knead the grapes, put toothpaste on each grape, and finally clean the toothpaste with water to eat.

3、 Clean the surface residue of apples

. After soaking the apples in water, we put a little salt on the surface, and then gently rub the apples back and forth with our hands, because the dirt on the surface can be quickly rubbed clean, and then washed with water, So you can eat at ease.

4. Methods to remove peach hairs

we should first wet the peach with water, apply a handful of salt on the surface of the peach, then rub it gently, then soak the peach in water for a while, and finally rinse it with clean water, then the peach hairs will be completely removed. Or, add a little salt in the water, put the peach directly into the bubble for a while, and then gently scrub with your hands, the peach hair will fall off.

5、 The cleaning method of strawberry is

1. It needs to be rinsed continuously with running water for several minutes to remove most of the germs, pesticides and other pollutants on the surface of strawberry. Note: do not immerse in water, so that the pesticide dissolved in water and then absorbed by strawberry, at the same time will penetrate into the fruit;

2. Soak strawberries in rice washing water and light salt water for 3 minutes, because their functions are different. Alkaline rice washing water can decompose pesticides; The light salt water can make the insects and eggs attached on the surface of strawberry float, so it is easy to be washed away by water, and has a certain disinfection effect.

3. Rinse it with clean water.

6、 Do you wash the fruit with cold water or hot water?

what is the most suitable water temperature for washing fruits? Now let’s talk about it in detail. If there are friends who often buy from the same fruit shop, but the taste changes a lot one day, you can pay attention to whether you are wrong. In fact, fruits do not need to be washed with a uniform water temperature. It depends on what kind of fruit they are, and then they are washed with the corresponding water temperature.

for example, for fruits like tomatoes, grapes and peaches that need to be peeled, we can choose to wash them with warm water. For fruits like this kind of peeled fruit, it is convenient to wash them with hot water, so that the peel can be peeled off better and the redundant pulp will not be wasted. Second, the fruits that need to be peeled are soft in texture. If such fruits are heated with hot water, they will make the meat softer and taste better.

Fruits like apples, pears and plums must be washed in cold water because they can be eaten directly after washing. Therefore, the surface of fruits is rich in vitamins, If you wash the fruit with hot water, it will destroy the vitamin components in the fruit. Secondly, the taste of the fruit will also be damaged. The fruit washed with hot water will taste sour or broken, so some people often think that they have bought bad fruit.

warm tips: we all know that fruits contain more vitamins, so they taste better. Some friends always have one or two kinds of fruits that they like to eat, but there are many fruits that can be eaten with skin, and some fruits that can be eaten with skin are more beneficial, such as apples, because the harmful substances on the skin of different fruits are different, Some even have parasites, so we should clean the fruit correctly, which is also the first step to eat fruit healthily.

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