The correct eating order of hot pot

The correct eating order of hotpot is

. The correct eating order of hotpot is 6667

1. Invite friends to have a meal:

. Share with more than one person can reduce the amount of food.

2, eat vegetables first:

generally eat hot pot will leave vegetables to the last, wrong, vegetable fiber is high, eat first can increase the sense of fullness, can reduce the amount of meat intake later. In addition, at the end of the soup, the fat & lt; Concentration & quot;, It tastes salty and oily, and vegetables have a large surface area. It is easier to absorb oil than meat. Eating at last is no different from eating oil directly.

3, add noodles:

many people eat hot pot will skip the staple food, specializing in meat, resulting in excessive fat. Intake of appropriate amount of carbohydrates can help to satiate the stomach, and the nutrition is more comprehensive. Low calorie choices such as Wudong, rice noodles and rice noodles can be considered; Avoid instant noodles, because the fried, high heat.

4, after eating meat:

with vegetables and carbohydrates to increase the sense of fullness, meat intake will be greatly reduced.

5, drink more water during eating hot pot:

eat slowly, not greedy, eat enough.

6, time:

to avoid eating late at night, eat enough to sleep, not conducive to digestion, metabolism slow down after sleep, excess heat will accumulate in the abdomen, easy to have belly.

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