The curtain doesn’t need to be disassembled at all to wash the curtain of different materials. Different cleaning methods are

. We first prepare a spray can, and then pour a little washing liquid into the spray can, and then pour a little detergent, and then pour a little white vinegar, add white vinegar, and then drop a few drops of toilet water, and finally pour clean water, Shake evenly.

after shaking evenly, spray and wet the curtain, then wipe the curtain with cleaning cloth. After a simple cleaning, the curtain will become as clean as new. This method is simple and labor-saving. Pay attention to different types of curtain cleaning methods.

curtain cleaning method

curtain is also a big item in household cleaning. When people buy it, they often ignore its cleaning process. And cleaning the curtain is a big project, dismantling and cleaning takes time and effort, but as long as you learn these moves, you can clean the curtain without dismantling it!

vacuum cleaner cleaning method:

curtain adsorbed a lot of dust, with a vacuum cleaner can easily dust, without disassembly can clean the curtain, can clean once a week, no longer worry about breeding bacteria mites!

Curtain made of electrostatic flocking cloth

this kind of curtain is not easy to be dirty and does not need to be cleaned frequently. But if you want to clean it, you should pay attention not to soak it in water and rub or brush it. Just use cotton cloth dipped in alcohol or gasoline and gently wipe it. If the flannelette is too wet, don’t twist it with force, so as not to take off the fluff and affect its beauty.

the correct cleaning method should be to press the water with both hands or let it dry naturally, so as to maintain the original appearance of flocked fabric.

velvet curtains

velvet curtains are delicate, thick, textured, good shading effect, but easy to change. In order to prevent the fabric from becoming hard and wrinkled, velvet curtains should be soaked in neutral detergent and dried naturally.

blind curtain

this kind of curtain is a kind of curtain which is widely used in families at present. When cleaning, close the window first, spray an appropriate amount of water or polishing agent on it, and then dry it with a rag, so as to keep the curtain clean and bright for a long time; A soft bristle brush can be used to wipe the cord of the curtain.

Roller curtain

first pull down the dirty roller curtain, smooth it, and wipe it with cloth. The center of the roller is usually empty. You can use a long stick with one end tied with fluff to stretch it in. If you keep turning, the dust will be removed.

expert advice:

curtain hanging for a long time, dust, mold and other allergens are easy to hide on it, especially the families with allergic rhinitis, asthma patients should be more careful. For health reasons, curtains should be cleaned at least once every three months. In spring and summer, due to the frequent opening of windows, it’s better to wash the curtains every two months. If you need to clean the curtains, you can go home and have a try. OK, here are the tips for this issue.

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