The design of carton drawing

for small square carton, we can consider using cross stitch to decorate, from a needle to a line of rust into the love of life.

the design of carton drawing with rags

the design of carton drawing

paper towel is one of our essential daily necessities, but we are more likely to make a mess when using paper towel, so we need a carton drawing, Let’s see how to make a simple and practical carton:

materials and tools: carton, knife, ruler, pen, stapler.

self made steps:

1, prepare a useless carton, use pen and ruler to draw the figure at the position where the hole needs to be opened on the carton cover, and leave some space in the middle;

2. After drawing the figure on the cover of the carton, cut along the figure with a knife, and then remove the useless part in the figure;

3. After opening the top of the box cover, fold the remaining part left in the middle into the box along the inside edge;

4. Use a knife to pull down the redundant parts on both sides of the carton. Keep the pulled parts and do not throw them away;

5. The folded part of the opening on the top of the cover is fixed with a stapler, so as to avoid the rough edge to scratch or jam the paper;

6. Put the toilet paper into the box, and then fold the parts removed from both sides of the box into U-shape, and put them on both sides of the toilet paper. The box is relatively large, so that the toilet paper can be fixed, and the toilet paper will not shake left and right;

7. After the toilet paper is put in the box, pass one end of the paper through the opening on the top of the cover, and then close the cover. In this way, the simple and easy-to-use carton drawing is completed.

homemade tips:

be careful not to touch your hand when you use a knife to scratch the carton; If the cover of the carton is not well covered, it can be directly glued with adhesive tape; It’s better to use a beautiful box to make a carton, which will be more beautiful.

rag carton drawing method

for female friends, carton drawing is not only simple and practical, but also more important is beautiful, so the next step is to introduce a rag carton drawing method for mothers:

raw materials and tools: tissue box, old clothes, rags, white lace, scissors Sewing machine

: the self-made steps are as follows:

1: prepare tools and materials, and cut a large piece of used cloth;

2. Cut the cloth according to the size of the tissue box;

3. Use the sewing machine to sew each corner;

4. Use scissors to cut another piece of cloth of the same size as the face of the tissue box, then dig four buttonholes at four corners, and fix buttons on the cloth under the buttonholes;

5. Use scissors to dig out the paper drawing part on the face of the tissue box and sew it;

6. Cut appropriate rags and sew them along the paper drawing mouth;

7. Cut appropriate white lace and sew it on the rag;

8. Put the drawing paper into the drawing paper box, and the beautiful rag drawing paper box will be finished.

carton design

as paper towel has been indispensable in people’s life, so carton with the trend of the times also has its characteristics and style. What are the characteristics of carton design?

paper drawing box refers to that the top surface of the box body is provided with a paper taking port and a cover used to cover the paper taking port. The paper drawing box provides a paper environment which is convenient to use and can ensure that the paper towel is not polluted by the outside world. In modern society, carton products can not be free from vulgarity, set up the popular style of rural home style. Therefore, those cartons that have been changed by fairy tales have become one of the favorite of fashion people, meeting people’s yearning for natural pastoral complex. Even some personalized tissue boxes have the function of placing photos. Users can change photos as they like.

there is a kind of baby pig carton, which is very cute. It has a short tail and small ears. It has a clean and comfortable coat. It must be very popular with children. This lovely pig loves to be clean. She puts a whole roll of toilet paper in her body anytime and anywhere. It’s very convenient to wipe it wherever she goes. In addition to baby pig cartons, there are other cartoonistic cartons that mothers can choose according to their children’s preferences.

for small size square carton, you can consider using cross stitch to decorate, from a needle in rust into the love of life. The cross show was once very popular. For example, the paper towel box made of cross stitch has a different meaning. The fine and compact life reflects the taste of life.

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