The diet conditioning methods of staying up late people:

Stay up late family’s diet conditioning method

stay up late family’s diet conditioning method

night to light,

stay up late, to avoid eating greasy or spicy food, also don’t eat too full, so as not to cause gastrointestinal burden, more don’t eat instant noodles when hungry, this will make the body too hot, easy to grow acne, etc. In terms of convenience food, if you are hungry when you stay up late, you can use fruits, bread, porridge and so on. If you have the conditions to do it yourself or eat it outside, you’d better choose some foods rich in vitamins and protein.


protein is the main material to build the immune system, which helps to improve the body’s immunity. When you stay up late, drink a glass of milk and absorb the protein, you can keep the body’s basic defense ability. Besides milk, chicken, duck, fish, pork and eggs are rich in protein.

vitamin a

vitamin A is essential for human epithelial tissue. Our skin and all kinds of mucous membranes in our body belong to epithelial cells. When vitamin A is deficient, the cornea of the eyes will be dry and even inflammatory. Stay up late supplement some vitamin A, can alleviate the dry eyes and fatigue, but also conducive to the health of the skin. Foods rich in vitamin A include eggs, dairy products, pig liver, etc. in addition, foods rich in carotene, such as carrots, tomatoes, mangoes, etc., can also be converted into vitamin A in the body.

vitamin c

vitamin C can increase the ability of white blood cells to phagocytize bacteria, so as to help resist the body disorder caused by staying up late. It is an effective antioxidant and one of the vitamins to enhance immunity. It is also conducive to the recovery of skin elasticity and luster. Foods rich in vitamin C include fresh jujubes, strawberries, kiwifruit and various green leafy vegetables.

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