The dietary contraindications of patients with oral ulcer were

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oral ulcer patients should avoid eating

1 and pungent condiments such as pepper, vinegar, ginger, onion, star anise, etc. These foods can not only induce pain, but also stimulate the ulcer surface, making it further expand.

2. Patients with oral ulcer should avoid chewing gum, chocolate, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, hot food, spicy barbecue, fried food, etc. These are easy to cause or aggravate oral ulcer things.

3. Do not eat ground food, such as bread crumbs, corn or potato chips, because ground food is easy to adhere to the ulcerated surface, affecting the healing of ulcerated surface.

4. Patients with oral ulcer should not eat rough and hard food, such as fried ribs, fried chicken legs and nuts. Because these hard food is easy to produce friction in the ulceration, aggravating the disease.

5. Patients with oral ulcer should not eat too hot food. Boiling water or boiling hot soup can not kill the bacteria on the ulcer surface, but can cause irritation. Therefore, it is the best choice to eat after the food is cooled to room temperature.

causes of oral ulcer

oral ulcer generally occurs in the inner side of the oral lip, tongue, upper jaw, cheek, etc. in addition to pain, the healing time is relatively long, and it is easy to be accompanied by bad breath, pharyngitis, fire and other manifestations. The causes of oral ulcer are as follows.

1, oral mucosa damage

lead to oral mucosa damage in the case of eating, collision and so on, which also provides opportunities for the occurrence of oral ulcer.

2, food cause

, usually food taste is heavy, such as spicy food. And have bad habits, such as drinking, smoking and so on.

3, mental factors caused

in life, it is not difficult to find long-term mental pressure, stay up late, tired people are prone to oral problems, such as oral fire, gum bleeding, ulcer and halitosis.

4, lack of special nutrients

. First of all, the occurrence of oral ulcer is related to the lack of vitamin B, especially the lack of vitamin B2. Secondly, when the human body lacks vitamin C, the oral cavity is easy to bleed, which also increases the chance of suffering from oral ulcer.

5 and

oral ulcer often occurs together with cold, fever, cough and other diseases. In fact, this is because oral ulcer is more likely to occur when the human body is under immunity during illness.

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