The difference between American coffee and Italian coffee

the difference between American coffee and Italian coffee

the main brewing method of Italian coffee is made by Italian coffee machine, mocha and other Italian coffee brewing tools, which is called Italian coffee, and the basic coffee is generally called espresso, The principle of espresso is that the coffee liquid (30cc or so) is quickly quenched by water with appropriate pressure and temperature (generally 25-30 seconds) through coffee powder, so espresso is generally very thick. Espresso is usually the base of all Italian coffee, such as latte, cappuccino, caramel, Margarita, etc., which are products produced by adding different items. The American coffee, which most people can understand, is the American drip filter coffee machine commonly used in small household appliances. The coffee powder is placed in the filter cup and automatically drips down when the switch is turned on. We generally call it American coffee. Its time depends on the number of cups and the amount of water. The adjustment of the thickness will vary according to the amount of water and the amount of coffee powder you put; But American and Italian coffee are very different.

how to make American coffee

American coffee is a kind of coffee, which is made from black coffee made from drip filter coffee pot, or from Italian concentrate with a large amount of hot water. Or it can be made by Italian coffee machine, after extracting the espresso, continue to let the machine supply water until a cup of complete coffee.

the name of American coffee comes from the habit of mixing hot water into small espresso common in Europe during the war. Because the preparation of coffee in the United States is generally more casual and simple, this method soon became popular with the popularity of American chain stores in the world.

the production of American coffee is very simple. First extract a portion of espresso, and then add 30 to 470ml hot water to mix it. Because the amount of hot water added is very large, American coffee will appear very light both in appearance and taste. In addition, the aroma of coffee will also be slightly damaged, which can not last as long as the traditional Italian coffee.

cold knowledge of American coffee

1. Some Europeans do not like American coffee whose flavor is damaged. French people will call American coffee jus de chaussette, which means sock juice; 2. Sometimes, some simple coffee machines are also called American coffee machines. They’re drip coffee machines.

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