The difference between octopus and squid

octopus and squid are animals living in the sea. Many people are not very clear about the difference between them. Some people even mistake octopus for squid. So what is the difference between them? How can we distinguish these two kinds of marine life? Today, let’s take a look at the difference between octopus and squid.

the difference between octopus and squid in detail, octopus is a kind of mollusk, with eight long feet like streamers — wrists, also known as “octopus”. Octopus feet are very important in life. Each of the eight sensitive wrists has more than 300 suction cups. The pull of each suction cup is 100 grams. Once a small creature is sucked, it can’t escape. Octopus feet also have a division of labor. When it sleeps, it hides its soft body in the crack of the stone head, leaving two tentacles on duty and moving around, The other tentacles curl up and try to move them. These asleep tentacles will take a lot of effort to wake them up, or it may be in vain. But when it touches the guard’s tentacles, it will immediately jump up and use ink to hide itself.

squid living in the ocean is commonly known as cuttlefish, but it is not a fish, but a real shellfish. It is a close relative of oysters and mussels. The difference between squid and common shellfish is that the shell of common shellfish grows on the outside of the body to form exoskeleton, while the shell of squid has evolved into inner shell and formed endoskeleton in long-term evolution. The squid’s internal skeleton is loose and porous. It can store air and increase buoyancy. Like a fish, it has a swim bladder, so it can swim freely in the vast ocean like a fish. The squid has strong swimming ability and can migrate for a long distance. It overwinters in deep water in autumn and winter. Squid is a good swimmer because it can spray water quickly. When they advance at the maximum speed, they can hardly see their movements, so they are called rockets in the ocean. The squid is also known as cuttlefish because it has ink bags in its abdomen, and when it is in danger, it sprays ink to dye the nearby sea water black, so as to confuse its opponents, so that the attacking enemies can only hope for ink and sigh, and take the opportunity to escape or capture their victims.

the difference between an octopus and a squid. If you just look at the text, you will not be able to distinguish them at that time. Therefore, Xiaobian suggests that you must take a look at these two kinds of marine life in person to understand the real difference between them, so that you will not make some common sense mistakes in life, but also be able to learn more relevant knowledge in life.

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