The difference between whole milk and skimmed milk choose the best one for your health

modern people generally choose skimmed milk to drink milk, only a small number of adults and children drink whole milk. Full fat milk, because the taste is stronger, and the taste is better than low-fat or skimmed milk like water! However, a professor from the Department of food science pointed out that there is little difference between the calories of whole milk and low-fat milk. Low fat milk has less saturated fat, but it will remove fat soluble vitamins A, D, e and K when defatting. In contrast, whole milk has more nutrients! What’s the difference between skim milk and whole milk? Let’s answer this question today.

What’s the difference between whole milk and skim milk? The difference between whole milk and skim milk is fat content. Whole milk contains about 3% to 3.5% fat, and normal milk is defatted.

can produce low-fat milk, which contains 1.5% to 1.8% fat. Skimmed milk contains less than 0.5% fat.

What is skim milk?

skim milk refers to the milk containing less than 1% fat. The production of this kind of milk meets the pursuit of modern people; High protein, low fat & quot; The nutritional needs of children.

for modern people, people do not only rely on milk to supply energy, they tend to focus on the high-quality protein contained in milk, so they prefer low-fat milk with less fat to become skimmed milk.

Skim milk contains less than 1% fat. In addition to industrial production, the family can use the way of standing overnight or boiling to remove the milk skin, three times in a row, to reduce the fat to a small amount.

skim milk is not suitable for infants. On the contrary, it often becomes skimmed high calcium milk after adding calcium agent, which is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.

Benefits of skim milk

1, cancer prevention

according to a British study, milk contains vitamin A, C, calcium, etc., which has anti-cancer effect, and the fat contained in it has carcinogenic effect.

people who often drink skim milk can reduce the risk of oral, colon, bladder, lung, breast and cervical cancer, so as to prevent the occurrence of cancer; Those who drink whole milk often increase the risk of these cancers.

2 Maintain a healthy weight

drinking milk often can maintain a healthy weight, drinking a cup of milk every day, the effect of weight loss is better.

but it is precisely because of the low fat content of skim milk that teenagers may drink low-fat milk more casually, instead of eating more calories, resulting in obesity.

3, assisted hypotension

low salt, low-fat diet is helpful for blood pressure control, high blood pressure patients drink skim milk, can play a certain role in reducing blood pressure.

because the intake of food containing more calcium helps to maintain stable blood pressure, but at the same time, you can’t eat too much fat, so skim milk is a good choice.

What is full fat milk?

full fat milk is liquid milk with fat content more than 3.0%. The fat content of semi skimmed milk is about 1.5%, and that of full skimmed milk is as low as 0.5%. In foreign countries, there is a kind of & quot; Thick milk;, The fat content can be as high as 4.0%. In fact, milk contains a variety of vitamins, among which fat soluble vitamins A, D, e and K are hidden in the fat of milk.

If the fat in the milk is removed, these vitamins will be lost, which is not conducive to the growth and development of children. Therefore, many countries require the addition of vitamin A and D in skim milk.

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