The discarded sweet potato leaves are actually nutrition omnipotent king

The discarded sweet potato leaves are actually the nutrition omnipotent king

. The discarded sweet potato leaves are actually the nutrition omnipotent king

. Before that, the sweet potato leaves were abandoned, and people only took the roots to eat. In recent years, the health value of sweet potato leaves has been gradually recognized. It is an excellent green leafy vegetable with the best comprehensive nutritional value, which can be said to be the king of nutrition. The carotene content of

sweet potato leaves reached nearly 6000 μ g / 100g, which was nearly 1.5 times higher than that of carrots. Moreover, its protein was also the best in green leafy vegetables, and its vitamin C was more than twice as high as that of citrus. Other nutrients are among the best.

in particular, sweet potato leaves are rich in mucus protein, which can improve human immunity, enhance immune function, promote metabolism, and often eat sweet potato leaves can delay aging. When people visit Bama, the hometown of longevity, they also find that local people regard sweet potato leaves as & lt; Longevity dish;, Eat it regularly.

in early autumn, sweet potato leaves become an indispensable food on the farm table. It tastes crisp and fragrant, with a touch of mucus and sweet aftertaste.

is such a good dish, you must pay attention to it when you buy it. September is the best season for sweet potato leaves, because sweet potato leaves can be picked and eaten only when they are mature. It can be divided into two kinds, one is green stem, the other is red stem. In taste and quality, red is better than green. In addition, to see the uniformity of the stem and leaf, the more uniform the stem and leaf size, the better the quality. You can also easily pinch the stem of the leaf. If you can pinch it gently, it means that it is tender. If it is not easy to pinch or there are filaments, it means that it is old. You should be careful in your choice.

there are many ways to eat sweet potato leaves, such as selecting fresh and tender leaf tips, blanching them in boiling water, and then using sesame oil, soy sauce, vinegar, chili oil, mustard, ginger juice and other seasonings to make a cold dish. Its appearance is tender green, which can make people appetizing. You can also stir fry the sweet potato leaves with shredded meat, which makes the food sweet and unique.

it’s good to make stewed sweet potato leaf vegetable cake for a change. Chop the sweet potato leaves, add flour, eggs and water, then add salt, pepper, flaxseed oil and other seasonings, mix well. Spread the sweet potato leaves evenly in the pot, fry them slowly over low heat, feel the shape under them, soak them in the top, turn them over, and fry them with yellowish green on both sides. The finished product can be eaten alone or dipped in garlic juice, with strong aroma.

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