The edible methods and taboos of onion

Introduction to onion

onion, also known as onion and onion, is native to Central Asia. Onion is an ancient vegetable in Egypt, which has been consumed for more than 5000 years; In European and American countries, onion is known as & lt; The queen of vegetables;. It has good palatability, especially the outstanding function of disease prevention and health care.

onion contains plant broad-spectrum fungicides, and contains volatile propylene sulfide, which has bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect, and has repellent effect on pests, so it is a relatively clean green food with few pests.

there are three kinds of onions produced in China: one is red skin onion, which has a large planting area and the strongest pungent flavor; The second is the yellow onion, which is very popular in the international market; Third, white onion, white green skin, good quality, light taste.

how to buy onion?

generally, onion with complete sphere, dry and smooth skin, tight meat and heavy feeling in hand is the best. At the same time, we should pay attention to whether the onion sprouts, which means that the onion is not fresh.

the nutritional components of onion

in addition to fat free, onion has protein, sugar, crude fiber and selenium, thiamine, riboflavin and other nutrients. In addition, onion also contains prostaglandin A and amino acids.

according to the determination, every 100 grams of onion contains 40 mg of calcium, 50 mg of phosphorus, 1.8 mg of iron, 8 mg of vitamin C8, as well as carotene, vitamin B1 and nicotinic acid.

the medicinal effect of onion

(1) onion is warm in nature and spicy in taste. It has the effect of dispersing cold, strengthening stomach, sweating, removing phlegm and sterilizing.

(2) because vitamin C and carotene are antioxidants, onion has inhibitory effect on carcinogenic nitrate.

(3) onion has strong bactericidal function and can kill Staphylococcus aureus and diphtheria. It can help prevent and cure influenza. Famous Japanese medical professor believes that eating onion can stabilize blood pressure for a long time, reduce vascular fragility, and has a good protective effect on human artery.

(4) epidemiologists observed that although people who often eat scallion have fat and many body fat, their cholesterol is not too high, and their physique is strong.

the edible method of onion

the raw and cooked onion can be used as vegetable or seasoning, fresh or dehydrated.

onions are often used in soups, salads, breads, stews, souffles, cakes and other foods. They can also be baked, fried, smoked, steamed or eaten raw. The French onion soup, which is slowly cooked by slow fire, has become a famous dish soup in many countries, including the United States. The French fried circle onion is even comparable to the French fried potato. Fried mutton with onion in winter can nourish vitality, relax muscles and activate collaterals, and has a good therapeutic effect on physical weakness, blood stasis and qi stagnation.

onion should not be eaten by

people with deficiency and sweating, and patients with eye diseases should not eat onion. In addition, patients with peptic ulcer, stomach gas prone people should not eat too much onion. Raw onions can’t be eaten with honey.

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